many African countries so far offers crucial lessons for the rest of the world

When the coronavirus first began spreading around the world, there was near-universal concern among experts that countries in Africa could be hit particularly hard, with high rates of transmission...

The upbeat song is a lamentation for God to take the singer to the heavenly city.

A song from South Africa that has gone around the world and been endorsed by presidents and priests has become the sound of the COVID-19 pandemic for millions across southern Africa.


“Africa is doing a lot of things right the rest of the world isn’t,”

At a lecture to peers this month, John Nkengasong showed images that once dogged Africa, with a magazine cover declaring it “The Hopeless Continent.”

Then he quoted Ghana’s first president...

 Independent voices are a critical component of a vibrant, functioning democracy
  The U.S. Department of State has condemned the recent arrest of Black Star News columnist and book author Kakwenza Rukirabashaija. The writer was arrested Sept. 18 by Uganda's Chieftaincy for...
“You are under arrest. Put on your clothes now and we go!”
The author shown with a copy of his novel "The Greedy Barbarian." He paid the price by being totured by Gen. Museveni's secret police.   On the 18th day of September 2020, I was in bed sleeping...
The attacks began after Adenekan and Ubanga filmed members of the group allegedly attempting to bribe people to vote for certain

Nigerian authorities should investigate the recent attacks on journalists Samson Adenekan and Offem Nathaniel Ubanga, and hold those responsible to account, the Committee to Protect Journalists...

Still gets US support

With President Bush in 2004. Still supported by U.S. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

[Free Thought]

Forty years ago, a poor thug and a loser in an election in Uganda declared that he...

the kicks and beatings ensued
Author and Black Star News columnist Rukirabashaija out on bail.     Black Star News is serializing below a new book Banana Republic, Where Writing Is Treasonous by Ugandan author and Black...
Mastercard Foundation

The potential for business investment in Africa is seen by many companies, like Mastercard Foundation, as enormous.

In 2007, a search firm contacted Reeta Roy, F89, with a surprising...

gruesome beatings
Rukirabashaija Black Star News columnist and author arrested by Gen. Museveni's notorious secret police    On Friday Sept. 18 Black Star News columnist and book author Kakwenza...
boldly poised between art and history
  Black Star News is serializing a new book Banana Republic, Where Writing Is Treasonous by Ugandan author and columnist for this publication Kakwenza Rukirabashaija. He was arrested on April 13...
Icon Building Botswana

Africa has seen the ruin that resource riches can bring. In cities like Luanda in Angola and the South African metropolis of Johannesburg, glimmering corporate headquarters are often surrounded by...

White Supremacy in South Africa

As white supremacist militancy has raced across the Western world, it has not spared South Africa from being swept up in the chaos.

Domestic South African white supremacist movements both...

South Africa Xenophobia

The following is a Human Rights Watch report regarding violence in South Africa against foreign business people.

Xenophobic harassment and violence against African and Asian foreigners...


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