From Friday, November 25 through Tuesday, November 29, we are asking you to support #BlackEquityFriday

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For the second year, we wish to reframe what Black Friday is about by celebrating #BlackEquityFriday to show our love to Black-led organizations (BLOs) in the Inland...

All WIN members are committed to dismantling oppressive policies of structural racism and other inequities

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Pelham, NH, November 2022 – The leading justice organization–Wellbeing In the Nation Network (WIN) – hosted an interactive and engaging virtual series of events themed "How...

announced a grant partnership today with Visa Foundation to support the development of the Center for Black Entrepreneurship

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Photo Caption: Visa executives, including Chief Diversity Officer Michelle Gethers and President of Visa Foundation Graham Macmillan, visited the CBE along with...

The Journalism Competition and Preservation Act would benefit small publications like the Black Voice News, the IE Voice and so

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At a time in our nation’s history when a free press is more essential to sustaining our democracy than ever before, political forces, changing technology and antitrust laws...

Estate planning is an extraordinarily powerful yet underutilized tool to help turn the tide on the wealth gap

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White Americans are more than twice as likely as Black, brown, and Native Americans to get financial help from parents, according to a new poll that sheds...

differences in business ownership account for 20 percent of the wealth gap between average white and Black households.

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Being Black and walking away from a person who legally owned you became reality on June 19, 1865, when Texas became the last state to implement the...

Reparations should include a demand for a nearly complete release of Black Americans in the criminal injustice system.

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It is judicious for Black Americans to ask: Do evolving Reparations demands overemphasize the need to achieve material and financial wealth equality? There is no...

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