militarized police forces don’t keep us safe — and shadowy, corporate-funded police foundations put Black people in danger.

Photos: Color of Change\YouTube

Did you know that many corporations are helping bank-roll police violence and surveillance behind closed doors — all under the guise of donating to a non-...

Nuclear insanity: ongoing development and deployment, endless investment, eventual (either accidental or intentional) use.

Photos: YouTube\Twitter

Nuclear sanity: ultimate (or, God help us, immediate) disarmament.

Nuclear insanity: ongoing development and deployment, endless investment, eventual (...

In the Lyoya murder case, we see a white cop killing a Black person because Black life is considered cheap

Photos: YouTube\Screenshots

Tuesday's Brooklyn Sunset Park subway attack, where ten people were shot, and 29 hurt; and the execution-style police killing of a Congolese immigrant, by a...

Contact your Congressional representatives now and tell them to vote against nuclear weapons modernization.

Photos: YouTube\Twitter

Once again we are all paying our federal income taxes this month. We do this as “the price of civilization” – to pay for the services we value and rely upon –...

BAP calls for the dismantling of NATO, AFRICOM and all imperialist structures.

Photos: YouTube\Twitter

“De-center Europe and Focus on Imperialism” Those words sum up the Black Alliance for Peace March 1, 2022 statement on the war now taking place in Ukraine. As an...

Alabama ranks 47th in the country for overall child well-being

Photos: Twitter

Alabama ranks 47th in the country for overall child well-being, according to the 2021 Alabama Kids Count data report. And a new report examining life expectancy by U.S....

 It’s time for the US to lead for a ceasefire and serious diplomacy.

Photos: YouTube

As Russia pulls its forces back to concentrate them in the Dombas eastern region of Ukraine, those of us who oppose Russia’s invasion, as well as NATO’s problematic actions...

 The Midwest Carbon Express: A False Solution to the Climate Crisis

Photos: Twitter

Oakland, CA — As the world’s largest proposed carbon capture and storage (CCS) pipeline applies for permits amidst growing resistance from concerned citizens, a new report...

Trump's Jan. 6th coup attempt was a clear example of the white anger

Photos: Wikimedia Commons\YouTube\Twitter

Two years into a once-in-a-lifetime global pandemic, America now stands shakily at a serious crossroad. Much is at stake. American democracy itself...

Media coverage of homeless

Photos: YouTube\Screenshots\Facebook\Twitter

A homeless man allegedly pushed 40-year-old Michelle Go in front of an oncoming train at a New York City subway station on January 15,...

“No War, No Warming” action during the time of the Iraq war.

Photos:\Democracy Now!\YouTube

15 years ago, in October 2007, about 70 activists were arrested on Capitol Hill as part of a “No War, No Warming” action during the...

 judge-made doctrine of qualified immunity erodes civil rights protections for people of color.

Photos: Lawyers' Committee\Twitter\YouTube\Voice

(Washington, D.C.) – Arthur Ago, Director of the Criminal Justice Project at the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law testified...

Trump and McCarthy

Photos: Twitter\YouTube

In the following PeaceVoice article, political science professor Dr. Wim Laven compares the lies and deceit of House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy to one of America...

Americans support the climate provisions, a reflection of the public’s massive appetite for federal climate action.

Photos: Twitter

In the following Radio Free piece, writer Zoya Teirstein discusses climate change and the challenges facing Democrats in passing climate change legislation.


Russia-Ukraine War

Photos: YouTube

Each human on Earth seems to have a social media identity as unique as a fingerprint, so we all see what the cybergods algorithmically feed us.

(Disclaimer: I am...


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