“SCHOOL OF HATE” Conflates Whiteness With Divinity

Catholic depictions of Jesus and Mary as being white have been controversial amongst members within the Catholic Church
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PHOTO COURTESY OF THE BROOKLYN SOCIALIST HACKERS ASSOCIATION (BSHA): The diverse staff of St. Mary's School in Lee, Massachusetts dreams of a "White Christmas" under the racist, hateful- Aryan-images of Mother Mary and Joseph. Dead center in the Santa sweater is Greylock Federal Credit Union executive John S. Masten's wife, SMS principal Jennifer L. Masten- who reported racist tropes and fabricated allegations of "missing teeth" to the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families (DCF) in 2017 targeting the school's only Black child, 6/yo old Black Star Youth Journalist Nova Z - recently expelled the youngest known Karen victim in America the day before birthday, without one disciplinary issue in her school file. Fr. Brian McGatrth, SMS priest( top right corner)- who was forced to admit he spoke about his genitalia in front of Nova Z after Mass on 2/25/20- approved the racist expulsion.

When it comes to classroom decor and Catholic knick-knacks at St. Mary's School in Lee, Massachusetts, the "School of Hate'' apparently has a strict "WHITES ONLY" policy.

The Black Star News has learned that St. Mary's School in Lee, Massachusetts has Aryan themed Catholic statues and images of either Jesus and Mother Mary in every classroom of the school and even in some hallways. Every single statue in every classroom is white. There are statues of Jesus in every classroom and they are all white. Not every classroom has a Mary statue, but when they do, they are white too.

Catholic depictions of Jesus and Mary as being white have been controversial amongst members within the Catholic Church and to many other christian denominations and non-christian religions since the civil-rights era of the 1960's.

The great racial awakening of 2020 currently underway in America after the murder of George Floyd has only heightened awareness of just how much these racist and hateful white Catholic depictions of God not only harm Black children and other children of color, but also indoctrinates for each generation of white children exposed to them one of the most racist concepts ever invented by white people: conflating whiteness with God's divinity.

"If you're going to have statues and images of Jesus and Mary in elementary classrooms of Catholic schools, lets diversify them so they reflect every fabric of the Catholic and non-Catholic human family," New York City true-crime author Toby Rogers told The Black Star News. "I think even a few Black Jesus statues at SMS would have a profound impact. not only on the white student body, but the parents of those white children as well. To see divinity expressed in Blackness I think it would start to break the fever of much of SMS's unspoken racist underpinnings," Rogers said.

Rogers, whose daughter- Black Star Youth Journalist Nova Z, who has been targeted by white Greylock Federal Credit Union executive John S. Masten's white wife - SMS principal Jennifer Masten- almost since the very beginning of her tenure as principal, was expelled this summer by Masten the day before her birthday for what Rogers calls "unforgivable Blackness."

READ-SCHOOL OF HATE: ONLY BLACK GIRL EXPELLED DAY BEFORE BIRTHDAY 9/10/20 https://www.blackstarnews.com/us-politics/us-politics/school-of-hate-onl...

Rogers feels that SMS's collection of racist Catholic statues coincides with Masten's Fr. Brian's bigotry and hate and may even cut much deeper within the entire SMS community than just your typical-run-of-the mill-racist-benighted-white-people-entitlement. "The fact that no one - staff, parents, anyone, who are all white- appear to not have any problem with an elementary school brimming with racist, white people Jesus and Mary Catholic knick-knacks all over it speaks volumes of exactly just how racist SMS truly is. It demonstrates that the Catholic community in the Berkshires and elsewhere across America needs to start having some uncomfortable conversations about some of our own truly warped, perverted and racist religious traditions, instincts and impulses," Rogers said.

St. Mary's Church in Lee, MA - the church connected with SMS- has an almost-life-sized-kitsch-plaster-of-pairs-white-pinkish-colored-Jesus at the center of it's altar. "It's the most ugliest, tasteless, racist thing I have ever seen in a Catholic church in my entire life. It doesn't just have white features. The thing literally is painted white! Over time, the burning candle wax underneath it begins to darken its complexion and right before every Easter they wipe it down and make sure it's all pearly white again. It's almost like a Catholic ritual at this point, this annual maintenance of Christ's whiteness," Rogers said.

When it comes to racist white Jesus statues, Rogers is certainly not alone. The Archbishop of Canterbury has also recently stated that Jesus should not be portrayed as white anymore. Reverend Justin Welby has deplored white Christians to not dismiss the Black Lives Matter movement and begin taking down all white images of Jesus. The Most Revd and Rt Hon Welby, 105th Archbishop of Canterbury, concluded that white Jesus statues- wherever they are, need to be completely scrapped, he said on BBCRadio 4's Today Programme: "Yes of course it does, this sense that God was white. You go into churches around the world and you don't see a white Jesus."

Villanova Lecture: History of Anti-Blackness and the Catholic Church- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2njnV3JM_-g&t=1511s

Even more grotesque than all the racist things in SMS classrooms and at the center of St. Mary's church altar, The Black Star News has obtained dozens of photographs of Aryan themed Xmas children's pageants and plays produced and put on at SMS with children assigned roles based on white supremacist racial stereotypes. In the many photographs we collected, Mary is always depicted as white as is the bright-white-blue-eyed-baby-Jesus-rubber-headed-stuffed-doll. Angels are always played by pretty long-haired blond female children in white dresses while Black children, children of color, along with other white children that, unfortunately, may be characterized as "overweight" or "unattractive" would also play barn animals or the "three wise kings."

"I always wanted to be Mary or an angel," Nova Z, the only African-American female at SMS, told The Black Star News. "But I always played an animal."

A SMS parent who has volunteered on several SMS-Xmas pageant productions and has asked to remain anonymous receently came forward and told The Black Star News that after the 2016 SMS Christmas pageant, where a child of color played Jesus' father Joseph, word was that Masten had "received a few complaints from parents" that a non-white child playing Joesph was "upsetting." But when she talked to parents about it, "nobody I spoke to even noticed."

"Even if there was a parent or two who were offended by it, do you really think they would contact the principal and complain? I doubt it. Sounds like another racist, spine-tingling tale from the 'Karen Zone,' " she said, referring to several Black Star News reports of Masten's brazen and racist, delusional lies, like claiming a local librarian said that St. Mary's mostly white student body were somehow superior, or "a cut above" the "other" children who frequent the Lee town Library.

READ-MASSACHUSETTS LIBRARY OUTRAGED AT "SCHOOL OF HATE"- 9/11/20 https://www.blackstarnews.com/ny-watch/news/massachusetts-library-outrag...

READ-“SCHOOL OF HATE” SCRUBS FALSIFIED BLURB FROM WEBSITE: 9/26/20 https://www.blackstarnews.com/education/education/%E2%80%9Cschool-of-hat...

"That is the quintessential definition of white supremacy. The delusional notion that white people are somehow superior than 'other' people. That they are smarter. Stronger. More beautiful. A 'cut above.' All of it is a lie and for sad white people like Jen Masten, it must be as James Baldwin described it, a tremendous 'burden.' A very sad and self-destructive burden it must be to have to walk around telling yourself day after day, year after year, decade after decade, that you are "a cut above" everyone else. And in adulthood, when you become a principal of a school you are so insecure, you feel the impulse somehow to express that racist delusion on the school's very own website for those white children to read and believe to be true. Every day children logged on to St. Mary's website and the first thing they read on the web site's front page is that they are superior, "a cut above" the "other" children that do not attend SMS. That is hate. Hate 101. On top of that it is falsely attributed to a librarian that the children see all the time. It's not just a little racist, it's a kind of a macabre mix of Stephen-Miller-nationalistic-white- supremacist-propaganda and ignorant-hateful-Karen-like-pathological-lying," Rogers said.

WHAT IS A KAREN AND WHY ARE THEY SO DANGEROUS- NBC NEWS REPORT 6/17/2020- WATCH: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qZ4xvIXwROc

The falsified quotes that Masten manufactured on the St. Mary's School website and were then attributed to Lee town Librarian Rosemarie Bosody mirror the 2017 Berkshire Probate & Family Court internal report spearheaded by Massachusetts Department of Children and Families child abuse investigative unit report that concluded that the wife of Greylock Federal Credit Union executive John S. Masten fabricated hate-filled-racist-tropes we now refuse to repeat along with other fraudulent allegations that Nova was "missing teeth that are not growing back in." All the fabricated allegations were in fact "unfounded" and that "there was no evidence obtained during the investigation that supports (Masten's) allegations" of "Toby(Rogers) and substance abuse, anger issues" and "torturing Nova by getting her teeth pulled."

READ-SCHOOL OF HATE: ONLY BLACK GIRL EXPELLED DAY BEFORE BIRTHDAY 9/10/20 https://www.blackstarnews.com/us-politics/us-politics/school-of-hate-onl...

And if that is not enough, according to the stmaryslee.org 2020 school calendar, the mostly white SMS still celebrates Columbus Day and will be closing the school this 10/19/20 in honor of Christopher Columbus, one the most controversial, genocidal racists in world history.

In the hallway between two bathrooms, SMS has a colonial-like-framed-triangle-folded-American flag - donated by a white SMS alum who joined the military- that was raised and hoisted on a flagpole on Afghanistan soil.

Within the display frame it reads:

"This is to certify that the accompanying flag was flown over Camp Blackjack at Bagram Airfield April 30, 2012, During Operation Enduring Freedom. In recognition of your Patriotism this American Flag is presented to: St. Mary's School"

The Black Star News has also learned that while the Lee Public Elementary School- less than a mile from SMS- offers bi-lingual email notifications to parents, SMS notifications are still only in English.

It appears with all of what we have now discovered, Jen Masten and Fr. Brian just might be at the helm of the most racist elementary school in America.

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