Digging Up The Garbage On the UFT/DOE Partnership of Harm For Charged DOE Employees

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Adam Ross, Mike Mulgrew, Carmen Farina, Courtenaye Jackson-Chase


On February 24, 2015, the New York City Department of Education held a mandatory meeting at TWEED at 4:00pm for all NYSUT , all DOE Attorneys, and all arbitrators working on the NYC rotating permanent panel for 3020-a hearings (both misconduct cases under ATU and incompetency cases under TPU).

I was told about this meeting by an Arbitrator several days before the February 24 date, and at my suggestion a private lawyer with whom I work on 3020-a hearings sent an email to the creator of this meeting, former General Counsel Courtenaye Jackson-Chase, asking for an invitation. Courtenaye answered with "sorry, you are not invited to this meeting, but we will be scheduling a future meeting for all private lawyers."

She never did have this meeting for non-union teacher defenders, so I filed a FOIL request for the information, and was shocked to get a reply that I would have to pay someone $29.95/hour to download emails. I posted all this on my blog, and then the NYC Records Access office relented, and sent me the video, the transcript from the video, and the emails on who was present/invited, all posted below.

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