Eleven Year Old Alyssa Allimadi's First Book -- "Alphabet With Fruit and Veg"

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Alyssa Allimadi-Bongombe

Q-and-A With Alyssa Allimadi-Bongombe

Alyssa-Soraya Allimadi-Bongombe, aged 11 years old has just published Alphabet With Fruit and Veg, a fruit-and-vegetable alphabet picture book of 29-pages, she wrote and illustrated, to encourage young people, and grown-ups too, to eat a more balanced diet.  Alyssa who lives in Reading, in the United Kingdom, is in primary school, year 6. She completed the book when she was all of 10 years old.  One of Alyssa's teachers, Vici Dooley, says of the book, "This tasty A to Z teaches you all about fruit and vegetables from around the world and the importance of healthy eating. With its vibrant illustrations and engaging captions, Alyssa A B has created a wonderful book that should definitely be one of your 5 a day."

Alyssa vows that this is only the first of many books to come. To contact her for book readings and signings or for an interview please reach her through her mother Doris Allimadi, at dorisallimadi@gmail.com Alyssa is the niece of Black Star News publisher Milton Allimadi who says "this girl has writing and journalism in her DNA."

Alyssa's book is available on Amazon and on the publisher's website.


Black Star News: What is your name?
ASAB: Alyssa-Soraya Allimadi-Bongombe

BSN: Where were you born?
ASAB: London, UK but I live in Reading now

BSN: What is your favorite subject at school?
ASAB: I like a lot of subjects but if I had to choose one, then it would be literacy.

BSN: Why literacy?
ASAB: Because I like playing around with words.

BSN: What are your hobbies?
ASAB: Singing, dancing, acting, writing, reading, art and football [Soccer].

BSN: Why did you decide to write an alphabet book?
ASAB: I wrote a fruit and vegetable book, Alphabet with Fruit and Veg, because I wanted to encourage young children to include fruits and vegetables into their diet. I thought it would be super cool if the advice came from a child.

BSN: Are you yourself a healthy eater?
ASAB: I am a lot better now.  I would say my diet is balanced.  I used to eat a lot of sweet puddings and not enough fruits and vegetables.  That wasn’t good because I begun to have health issues that worried me and my family.

BSN: What did it feel like when you received the first copy of your book from the printer?
ASAB: I was very excited.  I was literally screaming, "Oh, my God."

BSN: Do any of your friends and teachers know about your book?
ASAB: Yes, most of my friends do and they were quite impressed.  Two of my teachers wrote the blurb for it.  They were very proud of me.

BSN: So, what next for you?
ASAB: I am currently working on a dance exercise routine for children. It is harder than I thought it would be, but I am nearly there.
I will also be having a book launch in a few weeks time.

BSN: Will there be any more books from you?
ASAB: Yes, definitely. I am working on two at the moment. One is a black-and-white collection of art and the other, I cannot reveal yet.

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