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Advocates for Justice Paralegal School announced “Foreclosure Defense Lawsuit DIY Online Course,”
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Lawrence, Kansas: Advocates for Justice Paralegal School announced “Foreclosure Defense Lawsuit DIY Online Course,” a new non-conventional foreclosure defense program. The foreclosure Defense Lawsuit DIY Online course is structured for property investors, paralegal entrepreneurs, and serious homeowners ready to stop the foreclosure without hiring an attorney.

The online courses are hosted on and are half price (1200.00) for Aug 2022. The course curriculum consists of video lectures, pdf, the banker’s secret manual, access to lawsuits and other legal documents needed to take control, access to over 360- legal training YouTube videos, a live stream every Saturday at 9:00 pm, webinar training, and group coaching on the group's Facebook Pages.

Now you can stop being a defendant. This innovative approach could be the most important foreclosure defense breakthrough ever discovered. Now you can stop foreclosure without an attorney and without wiping out your bank account.

You can review all our great reviews on my website at 1-25-22- This review just came in from Venus. "I put the Lawsuit from State Court in, along with My Affidavit of State Citizenship and Affidavit of Special Appearance. The Judge Did not let me speak, he asked the opposing attorney who wrote the petition if he had a deed for the property on the record, and he said No. The judge dismissed the case and told me I was free to go. The judge said the attorney needed to start the eviction process again. Now that gives me time to move to Federal Court. I was in tears!!! I can stay at my house!!! Thanks so, my Coach!!!"

Features and benefits of the foreclosure defense lawsuit DIY- online course product include.

• Stopping the foreclosure without an attorney.

• Filing a federal lawsuit against the parties who signed to start the illegal foreclosure process.

• A strategy to hold the judge accountable.

• Easy to fill out legal documents.

• Group Coaching

Advocates for Justice foreclosure defense lawsuit DIY- online courses are available starting at a half-price of 1,200.00 for the month of Aug-2022.

For more information on advocates for Justice foreclosure defense lawsuit diy online courses, visit

Advocated for Justice Paralegal School:

Guy Neighbors says he was violated by the B. A. R. members and became obsessed with learning the loopholes in the legal system. He created the non-conventional foreclosure defense lawsuit DIY online courses. This could be the most powerful foreclosure defense program ever devised. Neighbors says this course will change your life!

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