Freedom 2013 Emancipation Proclamation Celebration

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Brooklyn, NY - The Emancipation Proclamation which called for the abolishment of slavery was by far one of the most defining moments in American history. Signed into order September 22, 1862, by President Abraham Lincoln the document not only freed African and mixed race slaves on January 1, 1863, it also provided liberties for them to defend themselves and join the military. However, history will dictate that freedom would come at a high price and 150 years later with racial profiling, unbalanced scales of wealth, escalating foreclosures crippling communities while ushering in gentrification, a new paradigm is needed to tip the scales towards equality and inclusion.

In honor of the 150th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation, the Freedom 2013 Conversation, Commendation, Celebration, Commemoration, Conference will celebrate the historic moment with an all-day symposium, rally and gospel concert, featuring gospel singer, Tamela Mann. The event spearheaded by Rev. Dennis Dillon, publisher of the New York Christian Times, visionary and chief researcher behind the ground breaking New York Economic State of Black New York, in partnership with Dr. Johnny Ray Youngblood, national civic leader, chief architect of The Maafa and pastor of Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church, along with over 100 convening clergy, will take place Wednesday, June 19th, at The Riverside Baptist Church, 490 Riverside Drive, in Harlem.

Freedom 2013 will commemorate this historical moment with a time-lined exhibition tracing the journey from Africa through slavery leading up to the emancipation and from the emancipation to present. There will also be an Emancipation Awards Luncheon honoring those unsung heroes, shereos (some posthumously), and institutions that have played a significant role towards the passage of the signing of the emancipation as well as those who contributed towards the 13th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. The invitational event will also recognize individuals, organizations, and corporations that continue to keep the flames of freedom burning.

In addition, Freedom 2013 will present “The Way Foreword: Business, Church & Community Impact Conference.” This special one-day informational session will link international, national and statewide businesses, not-for-profits, churches, corporations and government agencies together.  It will also provide updated, key information on business development and expansion, national and international tourism, trade and foreign investment. Conveners include New York Christian Times, The Economic Literacy Coalition, The Network Journal, Positive Community, and Irving Street.

Freedom 2013 will also include a variety of business exhibitions offering information on various topics and provide a variety of workshops addressing unemployment and job training.  There will be numerous financial counselors on hand providing solutions and strategies to avoid foreclosure. “Given the economic circumstances of our communities and race, the great disparity gap in wealth and entrepreneurship, health and education, there is an urgently pressing need for assessment, evaluation and redirection,” stated Rev. Dillon. 

Freedom 2013 kicks off at 12 noon with the Freedom 2013 Job Fair where numerous employers from a wide spectrum of industries will be on hand to speak with job seekers, and offer job training and apprenticeships opportunities for misplaced workers. In addition Freedom 2013 will introduce its “Situation Room” where home loan officers, financial advisors, and credit counselors will provide expert counseling and solutions to help homeowners keep and maintain their homes.

The evening will end with a Challenge and Celebration featuring music performance by gospel sensation Tamela Mann.  Renowned in the New York circles as the economic pastor, Rev. Dillon and a host of clergy, civic and business leaders will join in solidarity discussing the steps to putting a framework in place to address immigration reform, benevolence, economic justice and ending mortgage foreclosure and under water deals.

The Freedom 2013 Movement is an expansive initiative designed to motivate, educate and help to arm under-served communities throughout the nation and the world with empowering information, resources and tools to address such issues as business and economic parity; the foreclosure and underwater housing crisis; while champion health and wellness; African, Caribbean investment, missions and diaspora, global economic collaborations. 

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