Friday: Ali Mazrui Tribute At CUNY Grad Center

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Professor Ali Mazrui

Dear friends and colleagues

As part of the Africa Now Policy Series, you are cordially invited to a, not yet released, film screening on the life and work of Dr. Ali A Mazrui (1933 – 2014) this Friday, October  31 2014 at the Segal Theatre, Graduate Center, 365 fifth Avenue (between 34 and 35 St, New York).

The documentary was produced by Dr. Ndirangu Wachanga, the authorized documentary biographer of Prof. Ali A. Mazrui, Prof. Ngugi wa Thiong’o, and Prof. Micere Mugo.‎

The program will start at 6pm and light refreshments will be served.


Organized by: The African Development Institute; The Africa Research Group (CUNY Graduate Center); and The Institute for Multicultural Communications, Cooperation and Development.


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