Go Fund Me Appeal: Education At The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

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Caroline Denis

[Commentary: Go Fund Me Campaign]

Family, Friends and Loved Ones,

For those of you who do not know, I was accepted into the prestigious Royal Conservatoire of Scotland for Fall 2015 admission. This has been a dream come true, and a tremendous blessing.

At the age of six I discovered my passion for acting in an elementary school play.  Ever since then, I realized the stage is where I draw the most happiness, strength and fulfillment in life.  My journey as an actress has taken me from New York, to Los Angeles, and to Scotland in 2013 where I partook in a life changing course at the Royal Conservatoire. I will never view acting or life the same after having this incredible experience at the Conservatoire.

Returning to America I realized I couldn’t fulfill my dream of becoming a career actress without the training and guidance of the faculty and staff of the Royal Conservatoire.  With this newfound understanding, I auditioned in January 2014 for the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and got in! I was honored considering the school’s highly competitive pool of talented candidates and the selective board.

Unfortunately, in 2014 I fell short of the funds needed for placement in the 2014 Fall semester. This was absolutely devastating that money, not talent, determined my place at the school. This hardship came as the most upsetting and trying time of my life.

I was NOT going to give up on this dream, and I have faith that God has a bigger plan for my life. Through faith and the support of loved ones, I had the courage to re-audition in January of this year. The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland accepted me on the spot for the Fall 2015 semester. The school was rooting for me and I knew God was giving me this second chance and telling me not to give up.

I haven't given up. I am working two jobs simultaneously and through that hard work I have been fortunate enough to pay off my tuition, but I am still $10,000 short.  This is where I need your help to reach my goal,

Living costs - £8,000

Transportation - £2,000

Miscellaneous - £500

Course related - £500

Visa- $515

Health Insurance- £525

Plane ticket- $700

I understand that not everyone is in the position to give money, and I am OK with that. If you cannot donate but would still like to help or participate in my journey, please share this link and my story on your social media. I want to reach as many people as I can to make my dream a reality.

I’m excited for you to be a part of my story!

With love and immense gratitude,

Caroline Denis

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