God.Duty.Honor.Country. (Ode da TROOPS)

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God.Duty.Honor.Country. (Ode da TROOPS)

There is nothing else!I am a combatant...

a soldier...a warrior!

I live and I die by this code:GOD...DUTY...HONOR...COUNTRY!But the trouble is...

CONstructs paint soldiers as modern-day warriors.But what happens when I am in the conflict and it is "Wag the Dog"?

That is, a superfluous quarrel created to hide the subtle inconsistencies that compliment pseudo superiority…(like the pimp who still thinks he's the MAN, but doesnt realize his era is bygone.

Honor God, but require a kill...with shrapnel shells fire each timeI load that 120 MM Mortar, ya know?

a short range, high arching trajectorywas the point of that admin's motives.

But let me say

World War I,..II,...or a III.It doesn't matter.

A conflict by any other name still is...In the name of God, I am commanded to do my dutyto show love for my country.God, I love my country!BUT THE TROUBLE IS...

The Green Zone is Go!and I am commanded to trollop through the Red Zone's torment of a people's internal fightI interrupt.

It is the people's plight I disrupt...a region's internal struggle with itselfFor what?

Black Gold?!

It all circles back to me...the man...the woman…At home in the neighbor's hood.Where the gold that pumps from below hides its infiltration in the form of white powder,or hard rocksin little viles, being sold next doorI see it.

She chasesmouth twitchingsearching for the spaceship to beam her up into space outer.

You know? the next hit!


and now Man go undergroundby way of rope

He hung himself.'cuz la carta read: "WE WANT YOU!"The US ARMY, it said.

Now his wife is leavin' 'cuz WE WANT YOU

BACK FOR ANOTHER TOUR"TOUR". sounds romantic, huh?"Tour of duty"

But the trouble is...It's a tour of basic symbolism misplaced, exploited, and tormented.

I'm tormented by these greens that parade a round...and around me gojuxtaposing the pros against the cons of being the"opposition"

Are we the enemy? or the savior?


"What's your position!...exposing the two-sided face that saidand I end:




© 2013 Christina Heath

All rights reserved


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