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Open your arms, Dear Lord!

We shout today,

For your messenger of justice

is on his way.


It was like nothing we’d ever

seen before,

when he left to meet you

at Heaven’s door.

Deep in the night,

as the world slept sound,

his chariot arrived,

and he was homeward bound. 

Dressed like a prince,

all in white;

His spirit aglow

on this sacred night.

Young and vibrant,

All sickness now gone;

No more

Suffering or pain,

As he rose to move on. 

His chariot was swift,

with six

beautiful white horses,


the thunder roared

as his chariot departed. 

With one final glance

at the ones that he loved,

he was whisked

through the clouds

to his new home above. 

We’ll miss

his warm smile,

In our own selfish way,

But you’re warrior for justice

will be back home today 

God’s speed, Nelson


Eric L. Wattree


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