Morgan State President Wilson Gets Five More Years

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Before members of the Board of Regents and seated next to Chair Kweisi Mfume, Dr. Wilson signs new contract


Morgan State University’s Board of Regents has announced its unanimous vote to award a new, five-year contract to University President David Wilson, extending his term until 2023.

The announcement and official contract signing took place in an open public session during the Board’s February meeting. With the new agreement in place, Morgan joins other Maryland universities that have secured their leadership for a set period, a move that communicates stability to donors, alumni and other supporters.

“The Board of Regents of Morgan State University has been generally very pleased with the performance, administration and leadership of Dr. David Wilson during his tenure as University President and the Board wishes to underscore that satisfaction in good faith with a five-year employment contract,” said Board Chair Kweisi Mfume.“We hope that this demonstrated commitment signals to donors, potential donors, our Governor, the State Legislature, the larger world of academia, alumni, supporters and most of all our students, that we support the leadership of President Wilson. At Morgan State University we take seriously our claim to…growing the future, leading the world."

Dr. Wilson was inaugurated as the 10th president of Morgan in July 2010, after an extensive national search. Since 2014, his term as University president had been an at-will appointment in which he served annually at the pleasure of the board.

Under the new agreement approved by the Board of Regents, Dr. Wilson will receive a 3 percent increase --an amount he plans to reinvest back into the University over the next several years--  bringing his annual salary to $445,737, along with a 457(f) nonqualified deferred compensation retirement plan.

In addition, Dr. Wilson will relinquish his right to professional tenure at Morgan at the conclusion of his time as president.


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