Newark Teachers Union Chief Hails Baraka Victory

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Joseph Del Grosso. Photo

Newark Teachers Union President Joseph Del Grosso has hailed the election of Ras Baraka as Newark's mayor.

"The election of Ras Baraka is a victory for our children," Del Grosso says. "Mayor-elect Baraka, once a beloved high school principal, has always made our kids and their education a priority. He has spoken out against the One Newark plan—a plan that would mass close, mass fire and mass privatize. He has called for respect for teachers and support staff."

Del Grosso adds: "And, most important, in a time when Superintendent Cami Anderson has refused to listen to Newark's community, he has pledged to put the voice of community front and center. With Mayor-elect Baraka's election, Newark is one step closer to taking back our schools and reclaiming the promise of public education."



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