N.J. Black-Owned Art Studio Will Host Water Balloon Fight Tackling Racism

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Starting interpersonal conversations within the African Diaspora community involving issues like colorism and racism can be a very delicate terrain to navigate.

Equipped with water balloons, colorful dyes, and a willingness to facilitate these important conversations, Above Art Studios will hold “Color Day” a water balloon fight against racism from 1PM to 6PM on Aug. 21 at Boyd Park, located at 1-399 Memorial Pkwy, New Brunswick, New Jersey. 

Color Day is a community event addressing racism, colorism, and separation amongst the people. Racial injustice around the world is at an all-time high when communities are suffering from the pandemic, housing, food, and gas shortages. Above Art Studios will bring them together in a peaceful, educational, fun, and loving culture share. 

Above Art Studios is an established art gallery that has showcased numerous artworks from more than 100 Black (non-Blacks) artists, located at 55B Morris St., New Brunswick, New Jersey. 

Studio Co-Owner Wilford Charles said he and Studio Co-Owner Dontae Muse decide to hold this event to engage the community in a way that wasn't preachy but fun and interactive. “I did this exercise with my family. Certain members weren't getting along and we had a water balloon fight and we began to break through the barriers of anger, hate, disappointment. Sometimes we need a release and an icebreaker to discuss issues inside this one,” Charles said. 

For Color Day, 40 teams of five will compete in a water fight with water balloons containing dyes that will change the color of the opposing team. 

There will also be live performances that include bands, DJs, performing artists, visual artists, giveaways, and more. A kids’ paint class, as well as, a literacy program will also be at the event, according to Charles. 

Charles said the proceeds will go towards several inclusion programs. Ticket sales will go towards programs Above Art Studios have been doing and developing to fight against racism, sexism and more. 

Anyone should attend this community event, Charles said to engage and learn how to overcome community adversity.  

For more information about the event, visit www.aboveartstudios.com/product/color-day-water-balloon-fight-against-ra...

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