NYC Schools Chancellor Announces Pre-K Waitlists

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Carmen Fariña

New York City's pre-K waitlists are opening today. All families were automatically placed on the waitlists for any programs that they ranked higher on their application. Starting today, pre-K programs will begin calling waitlist families as seats become available.

If families would like to place their child on additional waitlists, they should contact the program starting today. If a family already accepted their offer, it does not affect their eligibility to receive a waitlist offer, nor does it affect their ability to apply for a new program in the second application period, known as Round 2, which is open until July 10.

To apply to new, free, full-day, high quality pre-K seats, families should go to the upgraded pre-K search tool, which is available in ten languages. Families can filter their options by looking for district schools, charter schools or Early Education Centers at

“Pre-K for All will offer free, full-day, high-quality pre-K to every four-year-old in New York City who wants a seat and families should register as soon as possible," said Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña. "Starting today, pre-K programs will be calling families as seats on waitlists become available and families can check in with programs during this process. Through this additional year of learning, children will explore with science projects, learn new vocabulary words, develop social skills and bring their parents into the classroom as partners. We will continue to work directly with families one-on-one to find the right program for their child.” 

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