On The Recent Discoveries of Egyptian Coffins And The African Origins of Kemet

Menes unified Upper and Lower Kemet
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The first pharaoh of unified Kemet, a.k.a Egypt, Menes.
Several newspapers have published stories under the headline “Egypt unveils 59 ancient coffins in major archaeological discovery,” about coffins recently discovered in Egypt that reportedly date to 2,500 years ago.
That is of course very recent, relative to the Kemetic Empire, so the coffins may contain the remains of non-Africans. Kmt, a.k.a Kemet, a.k.a. Kemit, as a unified Pharaonic empire was founded 3,200 BC which is 5,200 years ago, when Menes, a.k.a Narmer, an African became the first pharaoh.
It's not clear who the mummies inside these newly-found coffins may reveal but they could possibly be of non-Africans if they date to only 2,500 years ago, which would place them at 500 BC, 2,700 years after Menes unified Lower and Upper Egypt.
Kemet was conquered by King Piy, of the sister-empire of Nubia, a.k.a Kush, in 728 BC. Thereafter, Kemet was invaded and occupied by many non-African nations: The Assyrians conquered Kemet in 671 BC; and, the Persians conquered Kemet in 525 BC,  so the remains inside the recently-found coffins could be of Persians or Assyrians.
Alexander the Great conquered Kemet in 332 BC, and Rome, under Augustus, conquered in 31 BC, and Roman rule lasted for six centuries. The Arab-Islamic conquest of Kemet was in 642 AD, very recent in the historical context, and way after the Kemet of Menes.
At the end of the day we are all Africans. The earliest fossil remains were from the rift valley zone from Ethiopia (Dinkinesh 3.2 million years old) through Kenya, through Tanzania (Zinjanthropus 2 million years old) all the way to South Africa (Taung Child 2.3 million years old).
From the Great Lakes early humans then spread along the Nile founding high cultures such as Nubia, a.k.a. Kush, and Kemet and also spread across the continent. Estimates range from 70,000 to 100,000 years ago when humans then crossed into Eurasia and Europe and throughs tens of thousands of years of adaptation, took on different features. So even Africa-hater Donald Trump was once African.

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