Rob Redding’s ‘Target: Unwrapping Racism' debuts at No. 1

Rob Redding
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Rob Redding: Artist, author, and national talk host. 

National Talk Host Rob Redding today collected his third consecutive No. 1 with his latest book “Target: Unwrapping Racism” on  "

Target”, which was released on Aug. 30 on the online retailer, rips away the veil hiding the genesis of racism. It introduces a new theory on race while also serving as a reader of his previous books on race.

Redding said the book includes a new theory called "Visual Geographic Grounding." Redding’s new theory of how a racist sees blacks emerges as a logical progression of his philosophical theories from his groundbreaking books Dark Soul (No. 1 on Amazon's "Hot New Releases" in "Philosophy Reference in 2020) and Why Black Lives Matter: Borigination explains how to get police and whites to treat blacks like people and (No. 1 on "Hot New Releases" in "Philosophy and Reference" and "Philosophy and Criticism" in 2015). 

“We can not solve something if we do not know exactly how it happens,” Redding said. “Saying that racism happens because people are simply ignorant is not enough.”

His current book “Target” is his fifth No. 1 out of  12-consecutive bestselling books on The book was No. 1 in Amazon’s “Hot New Releases" in the "Reference & Collections of Biographies" and "One-Hour Biography & Memoir Short Reads” categories. His last book “Dark Soul” was No. 1 in the summer of 2020. “The Professor: Witnessing White Power” was No. 1 in 2019. The Professor is currently being adapted into a stage play.

"Target--Unwrapping Racism."

Redding, who is also a top-selling artist, artwork entitled “Target” graces the book’s plain white cover. This black circular 34X34 artwork on unstretched canvas is a depiction of an infant in utero riddled with two bullet holes.

Redding is a queer Brooklyn-based polymath, who is a rare mix of gifted and good-looking, specializing in various forms of visual, sound and language arts. In July, he sold his visceral visual artwork entitled “Black Power: Unapologetic Militant” for thousands at a group art show at the Fridman Gallery in New York City. He is also the host of “Redding News Review Unrestricted”, a daily independent political talk program with listeners in more than 20 states.

Redding has been named one of “The 100 Most Important Radio Talk Hosts in America” by Talkers magazine; profiled as an “Industry Leader” in radio by; and has received a proclamation from the Atlanta City Council for his work. His award-winning Website,, is a leading source for black news on the Internet. He has won an award from the Associated Press and three consecutive Black Web Awards. He has been featured in Upscale and graced the cover of Consciousness magazines.

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