Supporters Of Ousted Brother LeRoy Appeal To Chancellor Milliken

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City College Chancellor James B. Milliken -- Supporters of Brother LeRoy say he's falsely accused of anti-semitism

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[] On Sunday, Nov. 2, 2014 from 3-7 PM the Kwanzaa Collective will presents its yearly Black Solidarity Day program.

The Kwanzaa Collective is a consortium of community organizations, - Roots Revisited, UNIA-ACL (Universal Negro Improvement Association-African Communities League), The National Association of Kawaida Organizations (NAKO-Brooklyn, N.Y.) and Sankofa Academy.

Black Solidarity Day was created by Dr. Carlos Russell to protest the unjust and racist political, economic, social and judicial policies and practices in the United States. It is celebrated yearly on the first Monday in November, a day before elections. Illustrated best by African people as a day of absence, i.e., not going to work or school, and supporting black owned businesses.

The Pre-Solidarity Day program speakers will be Dr. Carlos Russell, Nana Baakan Yirenkyawa,  and Dr. James McIntosh. Dr. Shadidi B. Kinsey will do the libation. Cultural presentations will be made by All African Djembee Folkloric Ensemble, Institution of Miss BEEBE National Standard of Beauty Dancers, Capoeira Angola demonstratons with Jonathan Brown, LOST ARK,  vocalist Patsy Grant, and Sankofa Academy students and more. A vendors market will be present.

This event will be held at ASASE YAA, 1803 Fulton Street in Brooklyn, N.Y. 11233, (between Rochester and Utica Ave. For further information call (347-651-8763, (718) 778-0009 ext. 17, or  [email protected].     



Place: Hamilton Grange Library

503 West 145th Street

Date: Saturday, November 1, 2014

Time: 2:00 p.m.

BOOK REVIEW: Tomb Builders of the Pharaohs

Building a Village for the Workmen

HIER Presents: Ahmes Neferateri

The villagers of Deir el-Medina venerated Ahmes Neferateri, God’s Mother, King’s Great Wife, seen above being deified after more than 300 years by UserMaatRe SeptenRe Rameses.

Lecture and Discussion led by Inyanga Collins, MD

For more information contact      212 281-8650[] Kenny Gates and the East Coast Connection at Sistas' Place on Saturday, November 1st - celebrating Black Solidarity Day week end with live jazz. 

Pianist Kenny Gates will be joined by Pete Chavez on sax, Alan Nelson on drums and Steve Professor Tivo on bass for two sizzling jazz sets.  Get your tickets in advance for $20 - they're $20 at the door and you may not get a seat!

Sistas' Place is 456 Nostrand Avenue, off Jefferson, in Brooklyn.  (718) 398-1766



What is the origin of Ebola? The sudden outbreak of this deadly disease in Africa has raised many questions about its effect on the African continent, the land, resources, and African people worldwide. The Ebola Crisis has become a principal biological warfare query and implores a conscious examination of its origin and its objective and the role of international and nation health organizations in controlling the spread of Ebola.

The December 12th Movement International Secertariat will hold an EMERGENCY COMMUNITY FORUM PART 2 to analyze and discuss these critical developments and make an historical analysis of the biological weapons used to destabilize of Africa and Africans in the Diaspora.

The Ebola Forum will be held on Saturday, November 1, 2014 at 2:00pm at the House of the Lord Church, 415 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, NY.

The demand for a self determined and consistent Pan African resistance to the historic imperialist tactics to recolonize Africa and African people has manifest itself politically, economically, and geographically, and biologically.

In the Unites States, there have been many examples of the “Weaponization Of Disease”. The insidious “Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment” example carries much weight in this situation. Many examples of these western “Weapons of Disease” will be discussed in this forum in an effort to strengthen the move toward fundamental change in the racist imperialist medical industry. For more information call 718-398-1766.


[] Support Brother Leroy

James B. Milliken is Chancellor of The City University of New York 

Sample Letter To Send James B. Milliken, Chancellor of The City University of New York, To Support Brother Leroy

Your Name:



Chancellor James B. Milliken

Office of the Chancellor

205 East 42nd Street

New York, NY 10017

Phone: 646.664.9100

Fax: 646.664.3868

[email protected]


Dear Chancellor Milliken

As you know WHCR is the radio station housed at City College of CUNY.  Longtime WHCR broadcaster Mr. Leroy Baylor has become the victim of a vicious poison pen campaign by a single listener who has labeled him as an anti-semite. If that were the extent of the problem I would never trouble your office with this. However, it is not.  

The problem is that although Mr Baylor has thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, of satisfied listeners  both at the college and the surrounding communities, the administration of the college and the University have chosen to weigh the opinion of this single listener above the opinions of the rest of the station's listeners and have removed Mr. Baylor and his co-host Cinque Brath from the airwaves.

There are several reasons why this is a matter of concern to me.

I am concerned about the blatant insult to the concepts of Academic Freedom and Freedom of Speech, that Mr. Baylors dismissal represents. I am also  concerned that one of the few voices reflecting the opinions of people of African Ancestry has been removed from the airwaves.  Although there is a perhaps growing segment of America that believes that African People in America have no right to express our own opinions, it is my belief that the law says we do.

I have attached an email to this letter from Mr. Baylor that explains what has happened to him.  Since it involves the administration of both the College and the University  the memberships of both organizations I represent as well as myself personally believe that you as the Chancellor of CUNY should become involved.  I and other members of the African Community would welcome  the opportunity to dialogue with you.

Thank you in advance for any assistance you can give on this matter.


Your Signature, and where appropriate your title and organization 

[] Radio Show On WHCR Cinque Brath Co-hosted with Leroy Baylor Taken off the airwaves

By Leroy Baylor

The Black management of WHCR has been told by the heads of City College and the CUNY system to take The Communicators off WHCR-90.3FM immediately.

This is due to the false charge of anti-semitism.  I and the show have been portrayed as anti-semites in an ongoing campaign beginning formerly in 2006.  It has increased since Minister Farrakhan appeared on The Communicators when Libya was invaded.  It is a campaign to defame my name and character.

The onslaught of charges of anti-semitism relate to any time I mention Minister Farrkahan's name and The Final Call newspaper and articles within it.  For example, this is no joke, one complaint said that I mentioned Dr. Shabazz's obituary appearing in The Final Call.  Dr. Shabazz was the premier math educator who produced more Black PHD holders in math than any other educator. He was one of us and served Black students regardless of religion.

Any mention of The Final Call is anti-semitic because, according to the writer, this newspaper is anti-semitic and features an ad for the book, "The Secret Relationship of Blacks and Jews." Another anti-semitic charge points to our mentioning that Professor Griff was coming to Harlem.  We make announcements based on the information value to listeners and to serve the Black organizers who bring forums to Black people.

When we interviewed Minister Farrakhan, the complaint said that he was on WHCR ranting for 45 minutes.  It was an interview.  No rants. Clear, deliberate answers to our questions.

Based on what I was allowed to see, the complaints are from a team of Caucasians who say they are not Jewish but want to defend Jewish people. These individuals have software to transcribe the shows we do and then forward to the Chancellor of CUNY the comments they say are anti-semitic.

When the Chancellor looks at this, he thinks the whole two-hour show is dedicated to anti-semitic rants. Meanwhile, we have produced for the Harlem Communityoutstanding shows that no one else bothers to bring to Black people.  We are not concerned with Jewish people.  Fact is, we interview more Caucasians on The Communicators than WNYC (so-called liberal) interviews Blacks.

Another tactic of this team is to call guests whom we have had on The Communicators, telling them they should not appear again.  This speaks of an operation as opposed to individuals complaining.  We are reminded of the Anti-Defamation League spying on Harlemites Elombe Brath and Kermit Eady.  This surveillance was exposed several years ago by a white police officer on the West Coast.  The ADL was transferring this surveillance of the late Elombe Brath (and his contacts) to South Africa's apartheid regime which was torturing and killing Black freedom fighters while portraying them as terrorists.

Another most important fact is that I am a follower of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad and a supporter of Brother Minister Farrakhan. Their teachings and The Holy Quran guide us to respecting all peoples.  Imagine doing a talk show with a vendetta against Jewish people or Christians and inviting Jews and Christiansto be guests on the show.  WABC radio and WOR radio in New York seldom feature any Black guests and every day are relentless in blaming everything immaginable ona  Black man named, Obama.

What is pathetic about this situation that forces WHCR's Black management to take The Communicators off the air is that the heads of CUNY and City College have avoided the fact that these charges of anti-semitism have no basis at all except someones do not like Minister Farrakhan, The Final Call and intelligent Black men and women.

It is indeed a lynching. A low-tech lynching on a campus of higher learning.

A white woman says rape and the negro is beat, stripped and strung up. NEXT! Amazing, it's 2014 and Dred Scott as usual.

This email is not a beg to be on the air.  We can never beg "educators of high institutions" for the right to inform and educate Black people of Harlem with the programming that has made The Communicators one of the most popular Black talk shows in New York City.

It is a lesson for Muslims that The Final Call is hated by the slavemaster's children because of its valuable in getting knowledge to our people.

Remember the point made by Mr. Muhammad in "Message To The Black Man In America."  He quotes a slave owner saying, "they had almost closed the light ofknowledge entering the minds of Black people."  This aim has always been a part of this society, witness Black babies entering their schools and coming out dumb ascan be.  Witness our college students spending their grants on "remedial" classes.

The effort to get us off the air should speak for itself and prompt Black people to read every issue of The Final Call and collect every dvd of Brother Minister Farrakhan.


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