"ASK ANGELO" Angelo Ellerbee's new book & radio show

Angelo Ellerbee's new book and radio show, "ASK ANGELO"
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Public Relations guru, ANGELO ELLERBEE, is a living legend in the entertainment business. He has managed to maintain a highly successful career that spans over four decades, and he's not done yet...

During his 46 years in the media industry, he has managed some of music's biggest and brightest stars, including Dionne Warwick, Mary J. Bilge and DMX.
Angelo is focused, tenacious and always professional. His distinct ability to know exactly what each artist needs to take their career to the next level, sets him far apart from the rest.

In his new book, "ASK ANGELO", we are treated to an inside look at how he built his company,
DOUBLE XXPOSURE, from the ground up into an empire filled with a bevy of A-list clientele.
"I feel it's important to share your life experiences with others. Our different experiences serve as growth tools. We can learn so much from each other. I think everyone should write a book about their lives.", says Angelo.

"My wish is that my book becomes a testament of what to look out for and how to navigate successfully in this business. I've always created my own opportunities and made my own lane. That's missing in this day and age. I hope to inspire others to educate themselves and reach their full growth potential."

As if his resume wasn't impressive enough, Angelo is now starring in his own radio show, also named, "ASK ANGELO".
The show premiers on Thursday, October 20, 2016 at 10:00am and will air every Thursday thereafter. Log on to the website: www.survivethenext365.com and click the link to listen in!
Live calls will be answered by Angelo himself on #917 932-1078.
"After 46 years of experience I can answer just about any question that I'm asked, or find the answer for you. If I can't do that, what have I been doing all these years?!", laughs Angelo.

His radio show is meant to be an ear to listen, a much-needed hug and a wise uncle to advise all of those who feel less than and discriminated against, such as victims of domestic violence, homosexuals and those who have been incarcerated. "We need mentoring in our community. It is vital that we support and uplift each other."

Every week Angelo will invite a different celebrity guest to the show as he fields live calls and answer questions from the fans. He will discuss a variety of topics including the controversial ones such as politics, police brutality and discrimination.
Special invited guests to include Dionne Warwick, Sissy Houston, Ray Q and many more!

Angelo is wrapping up 2016 with a bang...new book, new radio show and whisperings of offers from network television to film his biopic. Well done Mr. Ellerbee!

"ASK ANGELO" Radio Show,
Thursday's at 10a.m.

"ASK ANGELO", the book,
available on www.Amazon.com

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