Broadway’s Sister Act Still Thrills

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A Great Night of Theater
I need a new thrill, something to sweep me off my feet. I just saw Sister Act on Broadway and the character reminded me alot of myself, not just bc she was HOT but bc she was still chasing her dream of being a star....and she became one in her own right. I'll tell you what, I'll always be a dream chaser, bc what's the fun in realizing a dream? The satisfaction only lasts a second, it's the thrill of the chase that
keeps you ALIVE...

That’s the Facebook status I posted while waiting for my ride home after seeing Sister Act. It left me with a feeling that although I’m no longer a spring chicken, I can still chase my dreams. I have yet to lay my golden egg and watch it hatch with all of my possibilities realized!

Rather than go through the details of the show like I’d usually do, I’d rather leave you with something short and sweet in regards to my
thoughts about the show:

1. Sister Act, token Black.
2. White
3. People still don’t have as much soul as we do, but it’s starting to be
4. Cute when they try (before it used to really piss me off)
5.  And at the end of the day, Black or white, it doesn’t matter anyway because, well, we’re all one and apart of God.

The important thing to do is to raise your voice; make a joyful noise, or whatever you have to do to feel alive these days. And if you can be as fabulous and fierce as Patina Miller (the star of Sister Act, who me and my sister agreed reminds us of “Max the Maverick” from Living Single) while doing it, then you’re on your way to heaven, just like the nuns in the play. (If you believe in that.)

Basketball Wives' Royce Reed Talks Reality

Recently I got to talk to one of the new stars in Platanos Y Collard Greens, Basketball Wives’ Realty Star Royce Reed. To be honest, I had no idea who she was before that interview, I'm not really a fan of the show. In fact I can say I've never seen any episode with her in it show. But I'm interested in reality shows in general and the people in them. What's behind this new millennium phenomenon of putting your entire life image in the hands of some network producers who you don't even know?

So I asked. She said she did it to clean up her image. I don't know what her image was before, but apparently not good if she felt it needed a makeover. In her opinion it worked, somewhat, and in an unexpected way.

She uses the shows as a type of therapy. When she watches her "crazy" and “immature” moments, they make her cringe, but also help her want to be a better person. She also says that although you're allowing someone else to manipulate clips of your behavior, to say that "they made me look bad” is bull: you are always responsible for your actions, which is why she takes her image so seriously. And she’s not willing to do just anything for fame. Selling her soul is, in her words, “just not me.”

When you're trying to get back on the public's good side, philanthropy can't hurt. But that's not why Royce Reed started her program Artistic Dreamz who’s mission is to decrease obesity among teens and to provide scholarships in sports and dance for kids who are less
fortunate than she was growing up.

As for acting, she is thrilled to be in Platanos Y Collard Greens and names Zoe Saldana (from Colombiana and the dance cult classic Center Stage) as one of her influences. “This play is a dream come true,” says Reed. “I’m reaching for the stars and actually grabbing them.”

Royce will be joining the cast from February 10th-18th. For more info go to


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