For Healthy Relationships, Look Beyond Materialism

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The very premises of our relationships are built upon materialism, therefore subjecting the actual relationship to limitation. Relationships are driven by the lower nature of human beings: materialism, pleasure and sexism.

We have been programmed into a materialistic psychology, which compromises the true reality of love. Everything is based on impulses; we live in a microwavable society, which is totally averse to being patient.

True love needs patience, respect and understanding in order to fully develop. The world that we are living in is a stage, which was set up for man to be able to excel in the arts and sciences so that we could reach a true climax of universal brotherhood. The double consciousness that exists within the Black society is a schizophrenia, which has affected the majority of the Black population.

This plays out in a person who should be in a committed relationship, not being able to have any true allegiance; the person's allegiance is manipulated by his or her desires. The Black male's and female’s mind-state has been shaped and molded by Western ideologies, which are founded upon capital gain and accumulation. Our desires, impulses and ideas have been manipulated by these capitalistic ideas.

The masses of Black people are ignorant to the fact that outside interests are perpetuating the differences between us via mass media and other avenues. As long as we continue to allow these issues to hinder the functioning capabilities of our relationships, we won’t be able to heal the wounds that exist amongst us and focus on upholding the Black family, while strengthening the Black community.

The Social engineering of Black male-female relationships is to the benefit of outside interests who use our division as a way for them to control our families, community and stay in power. We must combat the onslaught of Black relationships and the Black family by educating ourselves, working to overcome our collective pain that inhibits us from leading functional lives, and carrying out thriving relationships with our mates.

Until this happens we will continue to experience the same social ills that have kept us in this degradative state for generations. It’s imperative that we recognize that we are one unit and without each other’s support, not only do we suffer, but the children suffer, and the Black community suffers as a whole. 

Actor and writer, Edwin Freeman is the author of the new critically acclaimed book "Renewed." ~

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