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[Entertainment: UniverSoul]

Every year as the weather starts warming up, New York gets a boost of excitement from the unusual tricks, funky style, and pure entertainment that UniverSoul Circus (Big-Top) has to offer.

This show did get its name for a reason. In 1994 Cedric Walker, founder and CEO of Big-Top circus had a vision to explore various talent that Blacks had to offer. This dream became a reality in an Atlanta parking lot where enthusiastic crowds caught on to the idea of a hip-hop inspired extravaganza, subsequently, influencing crowds for years to come.

This mixed show now consists of characters from China to Africa, touring internationally in over 32 cities around the world. The Big Top tent will be positioned in Brooklyn until April 26th.

UniverSoul Circus a 16 year old , Atlanta-based show has anew face to it with the Nation’s first Black female ring master, Patrice Lovely hosting international acts that will be sure to leave you on the edge of your seat.

Lovely plays an elderly female character who goes by the name of Lilie Mae, Frances Upshaw Jenkins, and Maggie Shirley. This comedic Ringmaster’s character mirrors that of Tyler Perry’s, Madea, and will leave you smiling ear to ear.

You can forget those past shows you’ve attended where performers seemed distant and laughs were deficient. In Big Top Circus you are guaranteed non-stop laughter, and a time of enchantment with a large African American based show.

From Table foot jugglers to fearless stilt-walkers, accompanied by a Caribbean Zanti team, UniverSoul Circus has something for everyone. Haymanot Gurara of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia has a slender physique that just may surprise you. This African beauty makes juggling tables with her toes look effortless.

To keep in shape she limits her diet to mostly protein and stretches whenever she gets the chance. You don’t have to worry about going down to the Caribbean for a great time, because Big Top brings the excitement to you.

With bold stilt walkers from Miami, Florida and Trinidad & Tobago, these performers add new meaning to walking on air. Regardless of where you are seated, you will feel as if you have bought front row tickets to this show.

The UniverSoul Circus team does not limit its acts to the stage; these entertainers make you feel as if you are part of the show. The Stilt-walkers make their way to the audience, towering over spectators as the Caribbean Zanti team flows through rows of spectators, moving rhythmically to heart-pounding music that everyone knows.

This is a time where many wonder about their future, or, where their next checks will come from, but a sigh of comic relief is just what UniverSoul Circus can offer to heighten your spirits.

You can experience the world in one ring at affordable prices as low as $11per ticket. With surprising performances, great food and engaging music, this is one act that you won’t want to miss.

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