J. Jesses Smith and Braxton A. Cosby: Book 1 of “Death Ryders from Hell”

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You know the story of how Death Ryders became a graphic novel?

From Jamaica Queens, Director and now Author, J. Jesses Smith, started off Writing Death Ryders as a screenplay and at the time was working with Curtis 50 Cent Jackson on several projects. He approached 50 Cent with the screenplay and his drawings of each character. 50 Cent took one look at Death Ryders and suggested Smith not do a screenplay out the gate, but rather, turn Death Ryders into a graphic novel because he felt it was too creative not to be a book first.

And so, J. Jesses Smith started to write his first graphic novel and Book 1 of “Death Ryders from Hell” was born.  Smith later began to collaborate with Braxton Crosby and the result of the partnership is a graphic novel franchise destined to make history.

Here's the story: When you make a deal with the Devil, something is guaranteed to go wrong. Diego Ramos learns this the hard way as his deal with Satan turns rotten, and Hell's Death Ryders are sent to collect on the bounty that's been placed on his head. In this dark and cheeky story, anything can happen--especially when demons, vampires, and witches come along for the ride. With the help of a stranger, will Diego be able to escape the unrelenting Death Ryders, or is he fated to meet his end on Earth, only to begin an eternity in who knows where?

Actor Laz Alonso, known for playing Tsu'tey in James Cameron's science fiction film Avatar, says, “Death Ryders is the next big thing.  It’s a great read; the story just jumps out the book.”

The producer of the new 2pac movie, LT Hutton, says, “This is the next big franchise – it is a must read.  This graphic novel has the potential to be one of the biggest graphic novels ever and could be an even bigger movie.”

Book Details:

Death Ryders from Hell

By J. Jesses Smith and Braxton A. Cosby

ISBN-13 978-0692566725

ISBN-10: 0692566724


Available at Amazon.com 

About the Author:
J. Jesses Smith and Braxton A. Cosby teamed up to create and pen the origin story of the infamous franchise the “Death Ryders.” Death Ryders is a growing franchise that includes soon to be developed graphic novels, films and web series. Smith is a highly respected film maker and director, who is recognized for his gritty storytelling and creativity. Cosby is the CEO of Cosby Media Production and is paving his way in the entertainment industry as an author, actor, and entrepreneur.

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