Joshua B. Drummond's "I'm A Brilliant Little Black Boy!"

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In January of 2033 BlackStar News had the pleasure of interviewing actress, writer and author, Betty K. Bynum on her latest project "I'M A PRETTY LITTLE BLACK GIRL!", a book, clothing and accessory line tailor-made for our little Black princesses. Not only did those 6 little words open the world's eyes to a larger concern, they also inspired her son, Joshua Bynum-Drummond, to begin writing his own children's book...but this time for little Black boys.

Joshua worked on this book for two years while maintaining honor-roll grades in college.  His patience, hard work and dilligence has paid off. In February of 2016, "I'M A BRILLIANT LITTLE BLACK BOY!", will be released. It is a 32-page deluxe color illustrated picture book specifically written for our little Black boys.  "I want to change the face of books for kids.  Our Black children are not shown what they can do and what they can become. My book will teach self-confidence, self-appreciation and love."

Joshua has decided to be the change he wishes to see in the world.  "I'm an honor student in college and I love school!  Some of my friends are in college and some of them are not.  The ones who aren't, didn't believe that they could succeed.  The world doesn't show us happy, colorful, successful images of ourselves.  Did you know that out of 3,200 children's books printed last year, only 93 of them were for children of color?  I am going to change that by reminded everyone that we are all brilliant little Black boys with a purpose."

We applaud Betty K. Bynum for raising such an intelligent, amazing and self-aware young man.  With his mom's help, Joshua is on a mission to show our Black boys that they are loved and valued.  Please go out and support this project,  "I'M A BRILLIANT LITTLE BLACK BOY!"


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