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Ms. Marvel #13 cover art courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

It’s election season in the United States and Marvel wants to remind everyone that they have one of the greatest powers there is – the ability to vote! And who better to champion this ability than Marvel’s breakout Super Hero, Ms. Marvel.

Spotlighting Ms. Marvel’s quest to encourage everyone to vote this Election Day. Marvel Comics is set to debut an exclusive first look to MS. MARVEL #13, which finds Kamala Khan, Marvel's first Muslim female superhero, taking to the streets of her home town, Jersey City, to encourage all its residents to summon their own super power – the right to vote!

The issue, written by G. Willow Wilson with artwork by Mirka Andolfo, doesn't only tackle the importance of voting, but educates readers on how to vote, how to register, how to make sure you're registered to vote, and fighting voter suppression laws.

"I don't have time to vote," says one character. "Are we even registered to vote," ask another. "I haven't voted since 1972. I'm protesting," says another.

Though the comic doesn't attempt to influence or persuade a voter's choice, it identifies common ideals and justifications many people exercise during elections.

In June, Marvel editor, Sana Amanat, who co-created the new Ms. Marvel character, spoke with late night talk show host, Seth Meyers about Kamala Khan's stance on politics and Donald Trump’s racist rhetoric against immigrants and Muslims,

" He’s doing such irreparable damage to young Americans, and minorities everywhere. Words and images are really powerful, and these young kids are actually having a perception of themselves that’s not true, and that’s so dangerous. Trump needs to be reminded his grandfather was an immigrant and and if he’d had the same type of vitriolic sentiment thrown at him, Trump would not have had the opportunities he’s had, or the success that he’s had."

Ms. Marvel # 13 will be available in stores Nov. 30 (after the election), but Marvel's encouraging readers to check out Kamala Khan's heroic efforts to get out the vote now online.


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