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BLACKSTAR NEWS had the pleasure of conversing with financial wizard, motivational speaker and best-selling author, PAUL D. JONES about his awesome new book,    "I QUIT" and his life-changing motivational seminar, "FINANCIAL LITERACY UNIVERSITY".

In his fourth book, "I QUIT", Paul urges us to "quit" any habits that are negative or distract us from our goals.  "Quit" being broke, "quit" ruining your credit, "quit" being content where you are and move toward your dreams.  "Becoming financially stable begins with good habits and decision-making.  I want to provoke a new thought process.  The number one thing is to get people to stop and think about the daily decisions they make that affect their financial status.  We have to reject poverty!  Get rid of the "poverty mindset".  Your bank account can be at zero, but your attitude shouldn't be.  Start thinking wealthy."

Although Paul is a certified financial educator, a great deal of his knowledge of how to manage money comes from his humble beginnings.  He is a walking testimony of how you can reach your financial goals and turn your dreams into reality.  He grew up in a single-parent household where his mother taught him very early the importance of hard work and patience.  Morals that he is now passing along to his own children.  "I worked at Taco Bell for 10 years.  In those 10 years I never called out sick.  I made it my business to learn each level of the business and master it.  Before long, I could do what my managers were gettting paid to do.  When I graduated from college they hired me as an executive.  I applied those same basic principles of hard work and patience and mastered the business world.  Why?  Because I knew the business from the ground up.  Now it is my passion to help the entrepreneur and small business man excel."

And one of the ways he does this is with "FINANCIAL LITERACY UNIVERSITY", a seminar designed to teach how to acquire wealth. "Wealth takes time.  Your life is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme.  It is very important to learn how to save and invest your money properly."  During the seminar Paul teaches three key points: 1) How to become the bank  2) How to understand your credit and  3) How to leverage yourself.    "These three points are the foundation!  We must gain the proper knowledge and become the overseer of our finances.  Misguided information will carry from generation to generation and we will leave behind debt instead of an abundance of wealth."   

His marketing group, "JONES MARKETING GROUP", was created to help the average Joe, entrepreneur and small business owner maximize their profits and earn residual income.  "Investing in yourself is the best thing that you can do.  9am-5pm is your employer's business, 5pm-9am is your business!  Use your free time wisely.  Use that 15 minute break to study and learn your craft.  Increase your knowledge of whatever business venture your're interested in.   We have to realize that things don't happen overnight.  People abort the mission too soon.  Think about it...conception takes seconds, yet it takes nine months for a baby to be born.  With focus, determination and patience, your dreams can and will become a reality."

Wise words from a wise man.  We are so grateful for PAUL D. JONES and we commend him for sharing his extensive knowledge of finances and business with the world.  His latest book, "I QUIT" is now available for purchase and his motivational seminar, "FINANCIAL LITERACY UNIVERSITY", and book tour are coming to a city near you this spring!  Do not deny yourself the opportunity to learn from one of the most intelligent and saavy financial consultants in the world. 

Please check out Paul's websites:       and get yourself on the road to financial stability!


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