Review: The Devil On Fifth Avenue

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This book, The Devil On Fifth Avenue, by Sandy King, is the ultimate test of your faith.

Are you one of those people that are tired of the excuse, "well the devil made me do it"? Are you one of those people who would like to see what happens when good is tested by the devil and his advocates? Well this is the perfect book for you. But beware once you read this book your faith may never be the same again…

Trouble rocks the five boroughs of New York in this action-packed battle of good versus evil. Satan himself is the main character testing native New Yorkers; using individuals to give up themselves to the devil.

Will Satan and evil triumph over good? You’ll have to find out yourself in this exciting sequel to the author’s previous book, Apocalypse!

First Satan starts with Jacob one of the main characters sent from hell with orders to buy new souls to do his dirty work and have more fuel for his domain The Hell Fire.

Later Jacob’s mom takes him for an exorcism to get rid of the evil that possessed his mind, body and spirit. What happens? Will his soul be cleansed of the demonic possessions that Satan pre-programmed into him? Find out for yourself if you dare to continue to read the pages that follow.

Next Satan tries a golden prize; a Father of a church. At first the father is strong; not allowing Satan to blow his steam. The Father is a gentle soul who has given his life to serving God; a peaceful, loving man, who embraces all of humanity. But can he stand the test of know-it-all Satan?

Especially when he brings up his own sinful past. His life of passion and pain before he devoted himself to God. Will Satan make him lose his religion? Find out for yourself.

Lust, deceit, lies, and sinful desire are the main things that Satan uses to test the sons of man in this non-stop action novel. Later in the novel, Satan, desperate on his mission to turn all of mankind against God, tries to convince a lonely man who uses women only for his sexual gain to give him his soul in exchange for riches.

This man, Alexander, does not realize that Satan is the devil himself but thinks he is a magician. Alexander dares to try to match wits with Satan.

As you turn the pages to this novel you become totally intrigued as you try to predict what will happen to each character. With each unpredictable circumstance, you begin to question: is there any more goodness left in the world? Why are people so tempted by Satan?

Does God come to the rescue of any of these poor souls?

The book is soon available on Barnes and

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