Harlem is A State of Mind Art Exhibit

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This journalist dropped by the Community Works, Barbara Horowitz sponsored, in association with Harlem Arts Alliance and the Harlem Mist Theatre presentation, of Harlem IS: A State of Mind event yesterday. Their state of mind was the artwork of 14 Harlem residents and artists whose works were prominently displayed throughout the Mist.

I viewed the diverse art of artists such as Beatrice Lebreton, Paul Deo, Diane Davis, Makaba Rainey, John Reddick, Grace Williams, Jason Auguste, Hubert Williams, Laura Gadson, Michael A. Cummings, Ming Smith, Ozier Muhammad, Tafa and Ramona Candy.

The exhibition was in celebration of Harlem's Art Community and its historic and contemporary works that gave a glimpse into the people of Harlem and their practices which highlights this lasting and colorful enclave known throughout the world. The exhibit will run until June 30th.

I have displayed some of the artwork of Paul Deo, Diane Davis, Makaba Rainey and John Reddick above. Not necessarily what was displayed at the Mist but is indeed the artwork of the artists mentioned.

If you are an art lover, you may wish to view these works at the Mist located at 46 West 116th Street or make inquiries of curator Omo Misha by calling 347-339-9812 or via contacting omomisha@gmail.com

Artwork by John Reddick


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