Be more than your pretty: Von Decarlo's secrets to success

Von DeCarlo
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 Today I had the pleasure of speaking with Ms. Von Decarlo,

self-proclaimed “Jill of all trades and Master Multi-Tasker”,

whose extensive resume includes being a singer/actress/writer/

producer/comedian/relationship expert and now author.

In 2015 she will release her first book,

Speak Fluent Man: The Top Things A Woman Should

Consider Before Blaming the Man”

After being groomed, literally and figuratively, by comedic genius,

the late Patrice O’Neal, Von is ready to take her career to the next level… 

BSN:   Good morning Ms. Decarlo!

VDC:  Good morning!

BSN:   You have such a wide array of talents, I don't know

where to begin.  One of the many hats you wear is relationship

expert.  Let’s start with talking about your digital Instagram site,

Coach Von’s Playbook”.

VDC:  Yes, it’s one of my favorite things!  I currently appear

on  Centric network’s “According to Him + Her” as a

relationship expert.  Being the HUGE basketball fan that I am, my

advice is often in the form of a sports analogy.  Like, "D-wade you

can't change jerseys and go to another team in the middle of the

season!"  It’s serious advice served with a side of comedy.  The audience

loved it so much they offered me a spin-off.  It’s so awesome!  I really

enjoy interacting with my fans on this site.  Please feel free to ask me

any questions about relationships, or the Knicks, on this site. (laughing)

BSN:   In 2015, you will expand on your advice in your

book, “Speak Fluent Man: The Top Things A

Woman Should Consider Before Blaming the Man”

Is this the woman’s version of “Think Like A Man?"

VDC:  I love Steve Harvey’s book and I don’t want to take away

from anything he wrote, but I am woman.  I can’t think like a man

because I am woman.  Women don’t need to think like men, we

need to learn to understand their language.  It's all about knowing how

to communicate properly.  If you wanted to learn chinese

or spanish you would study it, right?  I look at men this way. 

BSN:   I cannot wait to read this book!  Now, not many women are well-versed

or knowledgeable when it comes to basketball or any other sports.  How did

you become so savvy?

VDC:  I absolutely LOVE basketball!  I've always been an avid fan of the sport so I've

watched tons of games.  My late fiancée, Patrice O’Neal, and I spent a lot of time watching

basketball games together.  He was a Boston Celtics fan and I am a die-hard New York Knicks fan.

You can only imagine the battles we had!  He said to me one day, “I’m going to teach you how

to watch basketball so we can have better arguments over these games.”  And teach me, he did! 

So fellas I'm up for ALL challenges!  I have him to thank for a lot of my sports savvy.

BSN:   We are very sorry for your loss Von.  He was a comedic

genius and is greatly missed.  How did you motivate yourself after his

passing in 2011?

VDC:  FAITH!  Faith got me to where I am today.  Losing Patrice was

devastating to me and my family.  I still have my moments.  He was so special to me.

Our bond was like no other.  He taught me so many things about doing comedy,

being a professional, being a woman and just cultivating all of my skills and talents 

to create the life I want for myself.  He had a way of taking the most complex things

and making them seem so simple.  I take his legacy very personally.  After he passed,

I produced two comedy albums, “Mr.P” and “Unreleased”.  They were both successes.

He would be so proud of me!

BSN:   What is the most important jewel Patrice left with you Von?

VDC:  I would have to say… “to be more than my pretty.”  And he worded

it just that way.  He inspired me, he prepared me for life.

BSN:   Now that’s a man.  You guys were truly blessed to share time and space.

VDC:  Yes, we were.

BSN:   You are a such a multi-talented lady, which of your talents brings you the most joy?

VDC:  Auugh!  That’s such a difficult question.  It depends on the day.

Whatever I’m doing at the time is my favorite thing.  It sounds crazy but

I love them equally.  If had to pick one, it'd be musical improv because

it encompasses music, acting and singing.

BSN:   Speaking of musical improv, tell us about “Lasagna”.

VDC:   Lasagna” is my one woman show!  It’s about love, hope, losses and self-esteem. 

I wrote and produced the show and its music.  I am in the process of rediscovering myself. 

I’ve always been known as “Patrice’s wife and Mimi’s Mom”, which is awesome.  Now I’d like

for people to know Von DeCarlo and what she’s about.  I’m currently doing an awareness

campaign for “Lasagna” and my upcoming book.  I'm building up my own fan-base.

BSN:   How do you balance being “Von DeCarlo, the one woman show”

and Mimi’s mom?

VDC:  Two words, time management!  I live in the future in my head.

It gets overwhelming at times, especially when I’m PMS’g! (laughing)

I’m always in the moment.  I write down my goals and knock them down

one by one.  Mimi is always my number one priority.  I am present as much as possible

when it comes to her.  I have so many business commitments to fulfill today, but

they will not stop me from bringing Mimi to dance class and making her dinner.  Being

her mom is my most important job.  I have to balance work and home.  Girl, don't even

get me started about how I'm going to miss the Knick's pre-season game tonite...auugh!  

BSN:   What can we expect from Ms. Decarlo in the future?

VDC:  I plan to do it ALL!  My mom taught me that you can do anything you put your

mind to, you just can’t be lazy.  I 'm going to continue to explore all of my talents

and maybe discover some new ones along the way.  I’m not trying to be the next

Mariah Carey or the next Angela Bassett, but I will be the best Von Decarlo I can be!

Actresses and singers attend audition after audition, waiting for that call.  It's a part of

the game.  Me?  While I’m waiting...I’ll be writing and producing my own show!  I have

to create my own opportunites, I can't sit still!

BSN:   You are a beautiful, free spirit and we wish you much success!

VDC:  Thank you and thanks for having me!                       

2015 promises to be a landmark year for Von Decarlo.  We look forward to

her book release  and upcoming stage play, "Lasagna".

Please check her out on social media:


Twitter  https:/  #coachvon

Digital Instagram  @CoachVon’sPlaybook

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