How Data and Technology is Changing the Face of Sports & Casino Betting

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Over the last 20 years, betting companies around the world have adapted to the rise of online wagering. During that period, sports betting and casino gaming technology has changed beyond recognition, particularly in Europe and Asia. And a similar revolution is expected to sweep across the USA over the next few years.

UK providers leading the way

In the UK, traditional betting shops were soon overtaken by online gambling portals. And a new trend for harvesting sports data and statistics allowed bookmakers to offer hundreds of new betting markets. Faster internet connections and improved bet calculation technology also paved the way for live betting with markets adapting to in-game changes in almost real-time. New technology also enabled providers to offer fully-featured online casinos and gaming portals.

Appetite for data and statistics

Sport is now driven by data, technology and the Internet of Things. Multiple-angle replays and Virtual Assistant Referee (VAR) systems are now integral parts of sports broadcasting and a huge amount of data is generated live during games. We know how hard each tennis ball is served, how many kilometers a soccer player has traveled and where they have spent the most time on the field. We have heat maps, sabermetrics, and variance calculators. Players have sensors fitted in their clothing that record their position, movement, and possession as well as their physical performance. Even in the NHL, which was not traditionally a data-driven sport, organizers have plans to put sensors in pucks and record player movements.

Tech-driven wagering

This data drive has been embraced by bookmakers. The reality of modern wagering is that there are virtually no limits to what you can bet on. Recently, new bet-building facilities were introduced to allow punters to combine different wagers of their choice from the same or different events into multiple bets. On top of all this, the latest software also allows you to cash out of a bet at any time. For example, to guarantee a profit from a multi-bet that has not yet completed. If two out of three selections have already won, you can take a cash offer at reduced odds to end the bet early.

Merging of sports and casino wagering

A similar transformation has occurred in the casino world as bookmakers have incorporated online games and video slot machines into their websites. Now, a player can go online and place a sports bet and then switch to playing their favorite game as fast as you can say "Bingo!" They can even interact with a live dealer while playing traditional casino games such as roulette and blackjack. The wagering world has been unified under one virtual roof in purpose-built online gaming suites.

Mobile freedom

All of these features can be accessed from any device with an internet connection giving players total freedom as to where, when and how they wager. For European players, all of these features have already arrived and many of the big-name European bookmakers are now operating in the USA.

Many sports owners such as Washington Capitals chief Ted Leonsis are planning to take advantage of this revolution by bringing betting to sports stadiums via betting lounges and mobile applications. And with a fully developed US gambling industry expected to generate between $100 and $400 billion in wagers every year, there will be plenty more stakeholders looking to get in on the action.


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