How The Legalization Of Online Slots Could Benefit USA Economy

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Las Vegas. Photo: Wikipedia. 

For many, the USA is the home of liberty and absolute freedom for individuals. Countless movies, songs and much more have helped enshrine America in all our minds as the freest country on earth.


Except many of us know that this is merely an image. In particular, the nation has some truly draconian laws around gambling, which has been outlawed across the nation in all but a few choice spots for generations. 


Even online gambling gets a raw deal in the US, with the pursuit only legal in the states of Delaware, Iowa, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Nevada. 

In nations such as the UK, online gambling is totally legal and has spawned a range of sub-industries including slot review sites. For comprehensive slots sites guides, you can read more at


Lately, some states have been making moves around the idea of loosening gambling laws throughout their territory. Some even argue for a federal law change. This can come as no surprise, with the gambling and slots industry in the States thought to be worth around $160 billion per year.


The question is, how? If gambling is largely illegal, where does this all come from? Well, apart from the famous casino-friendly states of Nevada and New Jersey, illegal gambling is a multibillion-dollar business across the United States and this is one reason why some senior officials have suggested total legalization in order to tax the industry and protect against organized crime.


In this article, we will look deeply at how the legalization of online gambling and slots could benefit the USA.


What is the current status of online gambling in the USA?


All over the US, the federal wire act stops most types of betting. Yet, in 2018, the Supreme Court struck out a 1992 decision that declared sports betting outlawed, so there is plenty of hope that change could be on the horizon


Today there are fresh hopes that restrictions on both the federal and state stage will begin to relax. This makes plenty of sense, because sports betting using illegal bookies across the US is worth billions of dollars per year.


In regards to the potential legalization of online gambling, there have been plenty of talks yet so far no concrete action on the topic.


How might the legalization of online gambling in the US look?


Ideally, 2020 will bring in some real alterations when it comes to the legalization of online gambling in the States.


Countries such as the UK have seen a massive economic boost thanks to online gambling. Many casinos offer new members exciting bonuses as an incentive to sign up. If this sounds interesting to you then simply follow this link to find 200% casino bonus offers.


If this does take happen, then the monetary impact could be huge. Soon after any decision, fresh, exciting online gambling ventures would soon start to launch across the nation, flooding the nation with billions of dollars in tax and profits.


What’s more, if the US can turn itself into a home for online gambling companies, then the massive amount of jobs that could be created as a result would have a seriously positive impact on the national economy. In fact, it is well known that plenty of illegal gambling already happens across the United States. This raises the question; why not create a new global epicenter for online gambling across the US?


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