A’kim’s Baptism Of Fire

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Where She’s From: A’kim Sherree, a Sagittarius, was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois by her loving and caring grandmother.  She lived in Chicago all her life and just recently moved to Los Angeles, California.

“Growing up, I suffered a tough life that forced me to become very strong and independent,” she confides to The Black Star News. “Both of my parents were and still are addicted to drugs and do not have any ambition of wanting to change. I love my mother dearly and I love my father also. My mother has lived in and out of the house with my grandmother all of my life. My father lives about four blocks away and has never stopped by to say anything.”

A’kim has gained strength and determination from her woeful past. “I had to learn pretty much everything on my own with everyday life experiences,” she adds. “My grandmother provided me with a home and food to eat. I love her for that.”

She graduated from Prosser Career Academy and went to Northern Illinois University which she attended for two years before moving California; she transferred to Los Angeles Valley College. 

Where She’s At: “I have been interested in modeling since I was a little child,” A’kim said. “I have always loved taking pictures and loved being called the prettiest girl in school. I feel that I did not have the financial support or any support to launch my career as a child. Most top models began at about age 14. That was impossible for me.”

The young beauty started modeling about a year ago. “I have a great catwalk,” she says. “I am very photogenic and I can speak in front of people. I have great skin and I just love the excitement I get when I am doing a project.”

Even though finance was almost unavailable and her background made it hard to develop connections, A’kim has always worked hard and is determined to succeed. “I am trying to get to the point where it’s better than Tyra Banks and all of the top models and actors,” she says, confidently. “I plan to be the most known model and actress. I plan to open up my own modeling agency and restaurant. I have a lot of plans.”

In addition to catwalks A’kim has done many hair shows and modeling competitions. Her runner up performance in The Golden Scissors Awards earned her a trip to Washington D.C. and cash. “That was my first time winning money so I felt great,” she notes.

“Unique beauty will get you in the door and the brains are needed because people will always try to get over on you,” A’kim says, regarding the importance of having a game plan beyond just the looks. “So if you have both, like me, you should become a very successful and rich model.”

So how does this young beauty prepare to step out? “I love to dress in Beyonce’s clothing, House of Dereon,” she says. “I love her clothing because they are unique and usually have a lot of gold in them. I wear Victoria’s Secret Lotion and spray but my all time favorite is Paris Hilton. I wear Mac makeup but most of the time I just go to the beauty supply store and get the little cheap tubes of eye shadow. I very seldom wear makeup.”

A’kim’s Words Of Wisdom: “Following your dreams and no matter how many doors close in your face, just keep on striving.”
A’kim’s Secret Of Success:  “Looking back at my parents and wanting better. Also, wanting to get my little sisters out and give them a better life.”
A’kim’s Favorite Movies: “Bad Boys, White Chicks, and Rush Hours 3.”
A’kim’s Favorite Books: “The Sisters of APF, The Giver, and Nervous.”
Three Leaders That Have Most Inspired A’kim: “Jesus Christ, Martin Luther King Jr., Harriet Tubman.”
The First Three Things A’kim Would Do As President: “I would find a way to stop this war; I reduce poverty; and, I would lower the rent in California and New York.” 
A’kim’s Favorite Websites: “Mapquest.com; myspace.com; modelmayhem.com; facebook.com; and google.com.”

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