Angela: Brilliance, Brains, Beauty

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Where She’s From:
This young Southern Beauty, whose zodiac sign is Cancer, Angela Hogan, was born and raised in Orlando, Florida.  “The only family I really knew were my parents,� she tells The Black Star News. “So I’m pretty attached to them. My parents have been my backbone in everything I get involved in. They have taught be to express myself, keep my determination and learn to take every situation; bad or good and grow from it.�

Smart and wise beyond her tender years, Angela attended Oakridge High School and it was while there that she developed interest in entertainment and modeling industry.  “Growing up I was very much a Tom Boy and my mother couldn’t dare get me into heels,� she recalls with a laugh. “I attended John Casablancas Modeling Center at 15 and told myself when I was old enough that I would really take this serious. So technically for the past year or so I have been really pushing and on my grind. I’m working on everyone knowing my name. I have always been a performer; being in the band and a dancer. So I like to be in the spotlight and I’m always stage ready. I think my career is exactly where it is supposed to be. A year ago people knew me but compared to know I have progressed so much. I am very proud of where I stand as of now.�

Angela’s goal is to be on magazines and to do commercials before focusing her energy on an acting career. The industry’s competitiveness reveals sides of people that one might never see otherwise, Angela notes. “The challenge for me is just dealing with all the stress of pretty much competing for the spotlight I guess you can say,� she adds. “You never realize how much you don’t know someone until they get a little ahead.  I can never step on someone’s toes to try to get to the top. So I take those types of things as a lost and just move forward. I have lost a lot of friendships over the past two years and just take it as motivation.�

Angela has learned so much in such a short period that she’s eager to offer cautionary words to others who aspire for careers in the entertainment and modeling industry. “Beauty can put people at an advantage, but who wants a beautiful woman who has no sense of knowledge? I attend college right now and things aren’t getting done as fast because of me doing so much but I work hard. I study computers because I want to be attractive and smart—I don’t feel like anyone can survive in this industry if you don’t have book smarts or street smarts.�

How does young Angela prepare to step out? “When it comes to clothes, I like to buy variety. My style is different from a lot of people and I stand tall to it. Also you don’t always have to spend a whole lot of money to make a statement with your outfit. I like the sales too! I love MAC make-up, doing make-up is my second passion. I love Body Silk lotion too--it’s the best! The main store I shop in is Express, love it; helps me express my individual style.�

Angela’s Words of Wisdom:
“Dreams are not accomplished but Goals are. The only reason I say that is because everyone always say oh she’s just dreaming, but if you set out goals you are bound to follow them.�
Angela’s Secrets Of Success: “It’s not so much as a secret in my eyes but I cannot deal with fake people. I feel like in order to be respected and advance you must always be true to others but also to yourself. You can’t pretend to be something else; just always yourself.�
Angela’s Three Favorite Movies: “B.A.P.S, Cry Baby ( Johnny Depp) and Diary of A Mad Black Woman.�
Angela’s Three Favorite Books: “The Color of Water, A Black Man’s tribute to His White Mother, by James McBride, A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray and Beloved by Toni Morrison.�
The First Three Things Angela Would Do As President: “First I would set up a better care system for our adolescence in school. Too many young people are getting hurt and killed in a place where knowledge is supposed to be acquired. Second I would put back into the community by cleaning neighborhoods up and making sure people feel comfortable and safe in their  living environments. Everyone isn’t able to live in a lavish mansion. Also something has to be done about poverty; there are too many homeless people to date and by helping them, this is also helping our streets.�
Angela’s Favorite Cars And Why: “I’m not too big on cars but I love BMWs, Benz and Big SUVs. I think the fist two are very feminine like and sexy. Then being I still got a little Tom Boy in me I love big trucks because they sit so high and I feel like I own the road.�

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