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Where She’s From: Areille' Simone Anderson was born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. “I moved around a lot because my father was in the Army,” she tells The Black Star News. “I’m a military brat. And some of the most important things that I learned from my mother was to put my faith in the Lord and trust in myself. My father always told me to watch out for knuckle head guys.”

Areille primarily went to elementary and high school in Pennsylvania and North Carolina. She launched her my modeling career in North Carolina. “I would like to take my career to Hollywood, landing big parts in movies,” she says.

“I face challenges everyday in this industry because there are millions of beautiful women out here, but I try to make myself marketable and versatile,” Areille says, when asked about how she deals with obstacles in the industry.

Where She’s At: “Two of my personal professional accomplishments would be the Warner Brothers movie that I will be appearing in called, A Jury of My Peers,” she says, when asked about how most proud accomplishments. “And when young girls of all nationalities see me out and about and recognize me from the magazines that I've been in, and they stop me to ask me how did I get started in the business.”

“It’s important to combine brainpower and beauty because the brainpower it what allows you to have success and longevity in any business; that is, investment,” the lovely model says.

So how does Areille prepare to step out?

“Apple Bottom Roca Wear for the fit, Baby Phat because everything blings is sexy, I love Bling, and Coogi for all the bright colors, and I will wear off brands as well,” she says. “Just whatever looks good on me. I use MAC makeup, Baby Magic, Bath Bodyworks and Victoria’s Secrets. Love all perfumes; Paris Hilton, DKNY, Goddess, Duende, Ralph Lauren, Escada. As for shoes whatever looks great and doesn't hurt.”

This Gemini’s favorite cars includes the Bentley Coupe convertible, S550 Benz, and a Lamborghini. “Luxury, speed, style, and comfort,” Areille says.

Areille’s Words Of Wisdom:
"Pray for what you need, and work hard for what you
Areille’s Secrets Of Success: “Prayer, strong family support system, patience and living healthy.”
Areille’s Favorite Movies: “The Five Heartbeats, Titanic, and Love and Basketball.”
Areille’s Favorite Books: “Bible, A Day Late And A Dollar Short.”
Leaders That Have Most Inspired Areille: “Christ, Martin Luther King.”
The First Thing Areille What Do As President: “Stop the war; lower taxes; and raise SSI benefits for the elderly.”
Areille’s Favorite Entertainers: “Tank, Gerald Levert and Beyonce.”
Areille’s Favorite Websites: “774wayz, which is my management company, Myspace, BET, Travelocity, and all fashion websites.”

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