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Where She’s From:
Ashley Malixa Santos was born and raised in Middletown, Connecticut, a small but diverse town. “I was raised by my great-aunt in a strict upbringing as a Jehovah's Witness and when I became of age I converted to be a Christian,” she tells The Black Star News. “The most important things I've learned from my parents were to never let anyone tell me I can’t do anything. If I really want something and work hard at obtaining it I can achieve it. Also to remain humble and  gracious take everything as a blessing that can be taken away at anytime.”

Ashley has become an independent young lady who abhors arrogance. “My parents taught me to be my own person—not live for a man or let men make me feel like I have to be subject to or a slave to double standards in society,” she says. Her heritage is Cape Verdean; she is Criole, of Portuguese and West African heritage. “I am very proud to be Criole and I acknowledge myself as an African-American Woman.”

Where She’s At: Ashley attends American Intercontinental University with a double major in Fashion Design and Marketing. “I am taking some time off right now because my modeling has taken off,” she says. “I have always designed clothes since the age of nine; but I started modeling eight months ago.”

"As of now I see myself doing some national print work to start. I would like to be a host or VJ on BET, MTV or VH1,” she adds. “I would like to be if not famous well-known and respected. I would like to record an album and go into acting as well.”

“Because I've done lingerie modeling some people automatically think I am promiscuous or a stupid girl,” Ashley says, when asked how she deals with some challenges in the industry. “They also think that I am following this trend that had swept the nation of the Video-Model Chick. Basically all I can do is continue to be myself because at the end of the day I know I control my career and I know I am doing the things that make me proud of myself. I just don’t listen to or surround myself with the negative people.”

“Anyone can be beautiful outside but being beautiful inside is what counts,” Ashley adds. “It also shows on the outside if you have love for self and caring for others.”

So how does this young lady prepare to step out? “I am a big shoe freak,” Ashley laughs. “I love heels but I'd rather rock flats on a normal day. My favorite shoe designer is BCBG because every pump I see is cute. I am a big fan of Nikes - Air force ones. I have a collection of many colors and designs. I also love Jovan White Musk it smells so sophisticated and fresh. My other favorite scents are Ralph Lauren Romance, All Elizabeth Arden Scents, FCUK and the list goes on. I love Baby Phat, BEBE, Juicy Couture, its right up my alley- cute young classy and sexy! I love Dove soap, its the best for sensitive and ethnic skin.  I use Vaseline CoCo Butter lotion because it’s rich in texture and smells great. I also love Maybelline make-up-Dream Matte Mouse. I don’t always wear name brand or designer clothes and things because I don’t believe that’s important - I'm all about expressing my own personal style.”

Ashley’s Words Of Wisdom: “If you fail try, try, try again; for every closed door a new door of opportunity opens.”
Ashley’s Secrets Of Success: “Remain focused and driven. Keeping my eye on the prize.  Never giving up or listening to those who try to bring me down. Knowing exactly what I want and how to get it.”
Ashley’s Favorite Three Movies: “The Wiz, Menace 2 Society, and Shrek.”
Ashley’s Favorite Book: “Confessions of A Video Vixen.”
Three Leaders That Most Inspire Ashley: “Tyra Banks, Oprah,  and Kimora lee Simmons, because they all started from nothing and kept going; they capitalized on their success and went on to do big things and become positive role models.”
The First Three Things Ashley Would Do As President: “Give health Insurance to everyone; provide homes to more of the impoverished and homeless because when I moved to Atlanta I realized how high the homeless rate was; and, end this stupid war.”
Ashley’s Favorite Cars:  “Mustang Convertibles because I could see myself riding top down with the wind blowing in my hair with my stunner shades on, and Phantoms because they are the ultimate in sophistication and luxury. The new Cadillac-- I love the way they look.”
Ashley’s Favorite Entertainers: “ T.I.; Keyshia Cole; Mariah Carey; Stevie Wonder; and Jay-Z and so many others.
Ashley’s Five Favorite,,, and”

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