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Where She’s From: Atim Birungi was born in Kampala, Uganda. "My father is Acholi and my late mother was from Toro," she tells The Black Star News.

"I was raised in Kampala by my grandmother for the first five years of my life before traveling to the United States with my parents where I’ve been living ever since, specifically Atlanta, Georgia. My parents taught me from an early age to put God first in all that I do and have unshakable faith even through the worst of trials."

Atim graduated from Meadowcreek High School in May of 2003 and she's now enrolled at Georgia State University majoring in Real Estate with a concentration in Construction and Design Management. "I launched my modeling career in March of 2006," the young beauty says.

Where She’s At: "My career is in its early stage as I am not even close to where I believe God wants to position me within this industry. I see my modeling career expanding immensely and myself modeling for big name designers, brands, and industry professionals such as Nicole Miller, Victoria Secret, Cover Girl, Armani, Elle, Vogue, Vanity Fair, Ralph Lauren and so on."

"I would love to be scouted and signed by either Ford, Elite, Click, Wilhelmina, and any of the well-known professionals and agencies that are serious within the industry," she continues. "I’m utilizing modeling as a passageway that will merge me into my other career objectives especially using my Real Estate Construction Management degree I’ll acquire at GSU internationally, specifically Africa beginning in Uganda then expanding from there on, and beginning my foundation. I want to break barriers within the industry that many believe Africans can’t, won’t, and shouldn’t even attempt to break. We should always think outside the box and pertaining to these barriers I believe God will fill me with divine favor as He elevates me with the purpose of conquering the so called impossible."

"The outlook you have of yourself is vital and does have a direct effect on how others treat you and contributes to your decision making process when choosing a career path, mate, and other life-changing choices," Atim says, when asked how she conquers challenges. "Beauty is indeed in the eyes of the beholder. Love yourself even when nobody else does. Don’t expect anything less than the best and know that only that is your worth. Strive even through the worst situation completely confident that you will be brought out of it."

“External beauty can only take one so far even before it has faded. It is important to combine beauty with brainpower, because knowledge is everything. We must recognize the importance of the changes and conditions surrounding us,” she continues. “Even decisions we make independently in some way or another affect those around us.”

"It isn’t easy to juggle so many activities such as attending school, modeling, working, and community service all at once as I am currently doing," Atim concedes. "However, you learn not to rush but instead take things day by day understanding that getting the assignment finished properly is most important."

Atim already has scored several impressive shows within the short period she's been modeling: "I’ve walked the runway for the following designers--Azucar, CP Fusao, Adele Yen, Shan Keith, House of Chappelle, Carasan, AZAC."
She also currently is working on "The Queens of Africa" calendar that will be available nationally by the end of this year for 2008. She represents Uganda. "This calendar will be classy and tasteful as it exposes the true beauty of Africa," she explains.
Atim assures that the calendar represents the continent as a whole.

"Fellow Africans and Black women I know this calendar and the women, including myself, gracing the pages will do justice to you," Atim says. "The calendar is directed and will be distributed by Trafo Entertainment and will be available soon at or Display Name Atim Birungi. The calendars will be coded for compensation purposes and I’m asking for your support when purchasing the calendar. I’ll provide the code as soon as the calendar is complete. It will also be available on the website."
How does this beauty like to dress? “I’m quite simple with my fashion so if I’m not modeling, my attire is usually comfortable lounging gear; baggy sweats, a tee, and sneakers and no jewelry or makeup,” she says.

Atim’s Words Of Wisdom:
“In all the decisions you make ask, God in advance to open up the gates of heaven and bestow upon you wisdom, knowledge, and ideas so that you may be able view things through His eyes.”
Atim’s Secrets Of Success: “Prayer and worship.”
Atim’s Favorite Three Movies: “The Sound of Music, Gone with the Wind, and Love & Basketball.”
Atim’s Favorite Three Books: “The Holy Bible, and The Purpose Driven Life, by Rick Warren; and, The Road Not Taken, my favorite poem by Robert Frost.”

Leaders That Most Inspire Atim: “Oprah because she didn’t allow her struggles to define who she is. She worked hard to receive the best and now is reaping what she sowed; The directors and workers of UNIFAT, creators of The Invisible Children, Jason Russel, Bobby Bailey, Laren Poole, and everybody doing their best to bring attention to the war and devastation taking place in Uganda. Though I’m residing in the United States, home is where the heart is and knowing that God is using people to help preserve Uganda and keep it the pearl of Africa truly inspires me to continue pursuing modeling and other aspirations in order to obtain the means to one day be able to give back and contribute to the upbringing of the world; and, my family, my extended family; The Delaney’s, The Water’s, The Mitchell’s, and friends and ex-boyfriends who have all helped mold me into the woman that I am today. These are my personal heroes.”
The First Three Things Atim Would Do As President: “I’m neither eligible nor interested in ever being the president of the USA or any other country. I believe God intended for men and not women to lead nations and that we women should be prepared to give our counseling and be actively supportive of the decisions our men make.”
Atim’s Favorite Cars: “My dream car is the Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon because of its design structure and it’s the only car I’ve wanted since I first set my eyes on it.”
Atim’s Favorite Entertainers And Their Songs: “2Face Idebia-African Queen, I think every Black woman should take the time to listen to this song; Chameleone-Kipepewo…Mama Rhoda…Jamila, most of his work basically; Beyonce-Dangerously in Love; R. Kelly. The old R. Kelly before 2K-Dedicated; and, Sandi Patty-Another Time, Another Place.”
Atim’s Favorite Websites: “I’m an eBay-holic, Networking sites such as Myspace.”

A Short Atim Story: About three weeks ago, suffering general weakness, Atim was convinced by her sister to see a doctor and discovered she had a virus attack. A day’s delay could have killed her; her blood count had dropped to 2, from a normal 12 to 14. “I thank God for keeping a hedge of protection and security over me during this time—I also thank my relatives, church family, and friends for the constant visitation and prayers,” Atim says.

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