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Ciara: “My father always said to me when I was growing up ‘Good things come to those who wait.’"

Our Model Of The Day

Where She’s From:
Lovely model Ciara Strothers, whose Zodiac sign is Taurus, was born in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

She lived in a small town called Wareham for seven years then left to live in more of a multi-cultural environment in a town called Brockton, about 20 minutes from Boston.

“Although I’m a Boston Bean, I reside in Atlanta, Georgia living life Oooo so peachy,” she tells The Black Star News. “I'm very close with my family members. My father always said to me when I was growing up ‘Good things come to those who wait.’ I have an Aunt that I am real close with. She always told me to never give up on my dreams and don't ever let family or anyone else step in my way.”

Ciara went to Brockton High School. “I put college on hold to pursue my dreams,” she adds. “I believe education is important but realize school isn't for me right now, modeling is.”

Where She’s At:
“I'm still in the beginning stages but I bet in a year or less I'll be in the middle or on top,” the confident young lady continues. “I know many great people in this industry who believe I have what it takes. I believe I'm giving myself a chance to go further and I'm accomplishing more than I thought I would.”

Where She’s Heading:
“I see myself aiming for the stars. I want to have my own T.V. show and appear in many popular magazines and pose in Kimora Lee's clothes because I love Baby Phat clothes.”

“I've gone through many challenges and conquered them all. I'm a single mother and that is a huge challenge maybe the only challenge in my life. But with God on my side he makes it easy for me,” she adds.

Ciara has participated in fashion shows, album cover shoots, and worked with many great photographers.

“I think it's very important to have brainpower because your looks don't get you everywhere,” she cautions other young models and actresses. “All God's children are beautiful so we all have the beauty, but do we all have the brainpower? You have to have the brains and common sense to make it in life.”

How does Ciara prepare to step out? “I love Baby Phat clothing because there are such a variety of styles that I can actually wear and it doesn't just look good on the rack but on me. I'm such an AVON lover. It's so inexpensive and the perfume and makeup and facial products work perfect with me. I keep my make up very natural. I spray on some Far Away throughout the day and spread Skin so soft on my skin to keep it moisturized and soft. There is this shoe store around the corner from my job that I go to that has every color, every style and they are so inexpensive and I shop there all the time when I have an upcoming photo shoot. I'm a bargain shopper, I believe you don't have to buy the finer things in life to feel and look beautiful.”

Ciara’s Words Of Wisdom: "Positive people will not bring you negativity. Keep yourself surrounded by positive people.”
Ciara Secrets Of success: “I put my life and career in the hands of the Lord. He knows what's best for me and he has been good to me. I think it’s important to network yourself. And I do that by taking advantage of the Internet and giving myself positive exposure.” 
Ciara’s Favorite Three Movies: “Rosewood, Baby Boy and Elmo Goes to Grouchland.”
Ciara’s Favorite Books: “I enjoy reading to my son. Everything is Elmo, and Dr.
Suess books. He loves when I read to him.”
Leaders That Have Most Inspired Ciara: “Oprah, Martin Luther King Jr., and Fredrick Douglas.”
First Thing Ciara Would Do As President: “I would end the war and gain peace with other countries.”
Ciara’s Favorite Car:
“My all time favorite car is a 98' Honda Accord.”

Ciara’s Favorite Musicians: “Donnell Jones; every song of his-I enjoy he is a great artist and should be greatly appreciated for the sounds he brings; Jagged Edge is my all time favorite R&B group; Even though this last fellow I'm about to mention is a comedian-actor he also is working on his career as a rapper. His name is Affion Crockett. His lyrics are breathtaking. I believe he is going to change the rap game soon.”
Ciara Favorite Website: “Myspace is great for networking, and finding old friends. If you don't have it get it.”

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