Beautiful Desir’s Modesty

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Our Model Of The Day

Where She’s From:
Lovely model and actress Medgie Desir, whose Zodiac sign is Pisces, was born on March 14, 1985 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.     

“My parents moved to Brooklyn, New York while I was still a baby,” she tells The Black Star News. “The most important things I’ve learned from my parents are values and  morals, such as respecting myself and respecting others, and to have faith in God and faith in myself.”

The beautiful young model attended St. Thomas Aquinas, a private catholic school up until the 8th grade, and then went to Leon M. Goldstein High School formerly known as Kingsborough High School.

“I’m currently a full time student, majoring in Communications and Media Arts,” in College, she adds. Ambitious Medgie considers her career to be at the growing-beginning stage. “I say that because while I have some experience, I don’t feel that I’m at the stage in my career that I am happy with. So I would like to work harder and grow in the process. I want nothing more than hard, earned, success. I aspire to make my parents proud, and to break the barriers that they have dealt and struggled with.”

Where She’s At:
“I’ve come across thousands of people who have promised me the world for all the wrong reasons,” she continues, when asked about some challenges in the industry and how she handles them. “So I try my best to stay grounded and make decisions that can only help further my career and enhance my judgment ability.”

The young beauty has already scored impressive achievements, including playing an extra in the blockbuster hit movie Spider Man 3, that debuted in theaters in May of 2007. “Acting is my love, so it gave me a chance to witness first hand exactly what goes on behind the scenes when shooting a movie, and I earned my first SAG voucher,” Medgie says. “Anyone who is into acting knows just how much of a great deal SAG.”

“I honestly believe that beauty is over-rated, and brainpower is under-rated,” the wise young model adds. “I  think I  was one of the fortunate kids, while growing up whose parents never really fell for the your-daughter-is-pretty compliments. My mother would reply to the compliments by saying, it’s not about being pretty, pretty is the side dish, brains is the main course meal. So before I can be truly proud of my beauty attributes, I would first like to dominate my school books and obtain my B.A.”

Medgie’s Words Of Wisdom:
“With God, everything is possible!”
Medgie’s Secrets Of Success: “Don’t let people define who you are; never lower your standards for no one; do what makes you happy; and, take responsibility for your own actions.”

Medgie’s  Three Favorite Movies: “Coming To America; Dirty Dancing; and,
Bad Boys I & II.”
Medgie’s Three Favorite Books: “The Coldest Winter Ever by Sister Souljah;
The Lion, The Witch, The Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis; and, Little Black Girl Lost by Keith Lee Johnson.”
Three Leaders That Have Most Inspired Medgie: “Oprah Winfrey; Barack Obama; and,
Martin Luther King Jr.”
The First Three Things Medgie Would Do As President: “Withdraw troops from Iraq;
secure Immigration Laws; and, free health care for low and middle class income families.”
Pisces Five Favorite Musicians: “Michael Jackson; Tupac Shakur;
Christopher B.I.G. Wallace; Sean “Jay-Z” Carter; and, Beyonce Knowles.”

A Short Medgie Story:
“In February of 2005, I lost my Aunt to bone marrow cancer. She suffered and fought off the disease for as long as she could. That was the most self-defying experience that I ever lived through. I watched my aunt pass on her bed in the hospital room, and promised her that I would make her proud. Her death was also like a blessing in disguise, because while she was taken from my family and me, the traumatizing experience brought my family closer and deepened our faith in God. I miss her, and every decision that I make in life, I always ask my self, ‘What would Tatie say?’”

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