Buffalo’s Lovely Tamika

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Where She’s From:
Lovely Tamika Winfield, whose Zodiac sign is Sagittarius, was born and raised on the east side of buffalo New York, and she notes “it wasn’t the best side of town� but then again “it wasn’t the worst either.�

“The most important thing that I learned growing up is if you don’t respect yourself no one else will,� she tells The Black Star News. “I graduated from Florida Metropolitan University in medical billing and coding and then went to John Casablancas School of Models and Talent.�

Where She’s At:
“I consider my career to be over the hump and on the way up,� she continues. “I have learned a lot and I’m working with a lot of the best—If I don’t have the answer I know how to find it. So I see no failure in my future.�

“There have been many challenges in my life which at the times seemed to be very difficult and almost unbearable such as moving from Buffalo to Jacksonville with no job, no home and no good credit. It was a huge challenge but with prayer and persistence we over came it,� she adds.

“It is very important to combine beauty and brainpower,� Tamika advises other young aspiring models. “Don’t get me wrong—being beautiful is a wonderful gift but it will not last for ever. Knowledge can continue to be built upon; therefore making the statement that knowledge is power is so true.�

So how does this lovely young model prepare to step out on the town? “As far as name brand clothes I am more in to the vintage look pieces that I like and just put together to create an original outfit, although I do admire Gucci,� she says. “I try to keep it natural when it comes to skin care. I exfoliate with St.Ives facial scrub and moisturize with only 100% pure shea butter. For make up I only wear eyeliner, great lash mascara, the pink and green is the best, and MAC lip gloss; it looks really pretty and lasts a long time. My favorite perfume is Juicy Couture.�

Tamika’s Words Of Wisdom:
“You only live once. Don’t follow your dreams, chase them.�
Tamika’s Secrets Of Success: “Have your mind set on a reason for doing what you do;
love what you do and make it fun.�
Tamika’s Favorite Three Movies: “Coming to America, Titanic and The color purple.�
Tamika’s Favorite Three Books: “Between Lovers, by Eric Jerome Dickey; Only His,
by Elizabeth Lowell; and, Left behind.�
The First Three Things Tamika Would Do As President: “Make sure that our education system was competitive with the rest of the world’s; address the health care, and the
nursing homes issues. We have to take care of parents and set the standard for ourselves.�

Tamika’s Favorite Cars: “Land Rovers and BMW sport cars. They’re just classy like me!�

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