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Where She’s From: Deena Holland was born in Torrance, California and raised in Redondo Beach, California. “I was raises in one of those homes where everything looked picture perfect, but was really a mess,” she tells The Black Star News. “I grew up in an upper class safe neighborhood and had everything materially a girl could want, little did everyone know my family was going downhill.”

Even though her brother ended up getting killed and her mother set her father out due to a drug habit, the family endured. “My mother always taught me to never lose hope and with all her trials and tribulations she always kept a smile on her face,” she adds.


As a 10-year-old, Deena’s grandmother took her to auditions because the youngster yearned for the big screen. “My second audition I landed a national Barbie commercial and an educational film shortly after.  I was booking commercials left and right, but it was difficult for my mom to get me to auditions, so we decided to take a break,” she recalls. 

Her mother bought her a car at age 16, but she admits there was youthful destruction and she became pregnant. “I felt like God gave me another chance to model and act, by keeping my body the same with no stretch marks and the same size. So after my son was born I studied theatre at El Camino College, Playhouse West, and studied with acting coach Andrew Magarian and pursued my career,” she says. She named the son Daman, after her late brother. 


Where She’s At: Deena’s been on T.V. shows such as Boston Public, The Young and the Restless, and Solitary 2.0; she’s also been on several national commercials such as Advil, and Visa and on print ads for Verizon, Pacific Sunwear and many more. 


“Losing my brother I feel was the biggest challenge of my life,” Deena says, when asked about obstacles she’s conquered in life. “I always looked up to him since my parents were rarely home. The only way I conquered that was by having faith in the Lord and believing I will see him in heaven.”


Deena is also a trained accountant, and advised other models that beauty must be combined with brains. “During tax season, if I'm not shooting something I am in the office.  People never think that when they meet me,” she laughs. “I made sure that I always had something to fall back on so that I can take care of my son.” 

 “I advise all young ladies to obtain as much knowledge as possible and follow what's right for you morally.  Be book smart and street smart and never settle,” she adds.

So, how does this beauty get ready to step out? “For lotion, I love my baby oil gel; can’t live without angel perfume.  Clothing you'll catch me in jeans and a wife beater all day. Jean brands such as Jean addicts and Robins.”

Deena’s Words Of Wisdom:
 “Make your choices wisely, because the choices you make will either bless or curse you.”
Deena’s Secrets Of Success: “Stay focused on a goal; don't get discouraged; every endeavor involves risk.”
Deena’s Favorite Three Movies: “48 hours, Jerry McGuire, Dirty Dancing.”
Deena’s Favorite Three Books: “Four Agreements, Bible, Celestine Prophecy.”
Three Leaders That Have Most Inspired Deena: “Oprah, Maya Angelo, Joel Olsteen.”
First Four Things Deena Would Do As President: “Provide funds to low income schools because low income schools means poor books and poor teachings; lower gas prices; stop the war; and investigate how our government is involved in drugs and weapons selling.”
Deena’s Favorite Cars: “White Mercedes truck, because that’s what I drive and now I would like a big white Escalade to drive my friends and family on trips.”
Deena’s Five Favorite Entertainers: “Sublime, Alanis Morisette, Usher, Alicia Key.”
Deena’s Five Favorite Websites:,,,”


For more information on Deena please see or contact Williams Talent Agency (323) 871-2416


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