Candace Hall; Musician, Model

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Where She’s From: Gorgeous musician and model, Candace Hall, a Pisces, was born and raised in Jacksonville, Fl.
“I went to Andrew Jackson, and I started working on my music a year after I graduated,� she tells The Black Star News. “I consider my modeling career at a beginning point because I’ve only been doing it for almost a year. I'm trying to balance my music and modeling at the same time. As for modeling, I started the middle of last year and I'm already getting gigs.�

Where She’s At: Candace says she now has a better understanding of the music industry thanks to her entertainment lawyer. “He’s getting ready to shop my music to the different record companies,� she adds.

Candace has landed a part on a local variety TV show, MTV Rock music video, and some fashion shows. “Knowledge is power, and every girl who wants to be in the entertainment business should educate themselves on the industry a little more. Do what makes you happy,� she says.

How does Candace prepare to step out? “I like to use M.A.C, and I'm also a fan of Victoria's secret. I love their pure seduction and love spell cream. I like Victoria's Secret Cream lotion, because it smells good and it lasts throughout the day. I really don't wear make-up—only for shoots, or special occasions, other than that some mascara, eye-liner, and some lip-gloss will do me fine. As far as clothes, sometimes I like to get things made for me, or most of the time I'm putting pieces together that I like from different stores.�

Candace’s Words Of Wisdom: “Put God first; be yourself. Nobody is going to believe in you like you will, and don't let people’s negative thoughts stop you from achieving whatever it is that you want to do in life.�
Candace’s Secrets To Success: “Good, better, best; never let it rest, until your good is your better, and your better is your best.�
Favorite Movies: “Color Purple, Jackson 5, Wizard of Oz.�
Favorite Books:  “Sheisty by TN Baker, Crackhead by Lisa Lennox, Coldest Winter Ever by Sister Souljah.�
The First Three Things Candace Would Do As President: “Start free tutoring programs for low-income families to help decrease the percentage of drop-outs; increase the minimum pay rate for teachers; and, start a program for teen girls who are consensually sexually active with over-age guys to teach them to become respectful women, and the consequences behind their actions.�
Candace’s Favorite Cars: “I like the Chrysler 300's because I like the big grill in the front and the luxury look, and the Mercedes/Ocean Drive Concept, an ultra-luxury 4 door convertible.

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