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Where She’s From: Candice Bjorkman, a.k.a, Candi-Cane, was born in San Pedro, California but raised at several places due to the foster care system.

“I finally found a wonderful foster home when I was 13 in the City of Los Angeles,” she tells The Black Star News. “And I lived there until I was 18. When I turned 18, they kicked us out of the foster home and I was on my own since then, living in Long Beach, California. The most important thing I learned from my foster parents is that money cannot keep you happy and that everything is temporary—money, fame, Beauty, where you live, your job.” Candice’s background has certainly prepared her for life’s challenges.

“Another thing I learned is to never settle for less and won’t no one respect you if you don’t respect yourself first,” she continues. Never give up on your dreams—everything happens for a reason.”

Where She’s At: Candice attended several Los Angeles schools because of the constant moves, but graduated from Crenshaw High School. She launched her modeling and acting career two years ago. “I still have a long way to go until I am happy with it,” she says. “I want to get into magazines and I do want to do some acting. I see my career in the right direction; I just have to choose wisely, who I work with.”

“It’s really important to combine beauty with brains,” Candice warns other young aspirants, “because beauty is only skin deep; once your beauty dissolves, you have nothing else to offer. Why talk to a model if she can’t even have a real conversation with you? Beauty means inside and out—you cannot always make money on the way you look; it’s what you know.”

So how does this young lovely lady prepare to step out? “My favorite lotion is baby lotion because there isn’t anything better than smelling like a baby,” she says. “But when I go out and want to smell like a woman, I wear Moonlight Path or Sweet Pea from Bath & Body Works. I love wearing Baby Phat and Beyonce Clothing Line. When I go to the park or something, I just keep it basic and put on a simple white T-shirt. I love Beyonce and Baby Phat because they fit my curves and my bottom doesn’t pop out of my pants when I sit down.”

Candice’s Words Of Wisdom:
“Don’t depend on someone to take care of you; just take care of yourself. No one will take care of you better than you can.”
Candice’s Favorite Movies: “What’s Love Got To Do With It, Jackson Five, and Selena. They are all true stories and they all had to struggle to get where they did. Not everyone is blessed with a silver spoon in their mouth.”
The First Three Things Candice Would Do As President: “I would build 100 Castle-like homes for molested and abused children; I would then clean up all the ghetto schools; and, finally, open up more job opportunities with people that have been convicted of crimes and give them a second chance.”

Candice’s Favorite Cars: “Lexus; Mustang; BMW; Navigator Truck; And Eclipse—they are all sexy classy autos.”
Candice’s Favorite Websites: “Court TV, Myspace, Model Mayhem, BET, and Black Star News.”

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