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Cheryl Webster was born in St. Louis, Missouri, on February 18, 1986 and was raised by her grandmother who is still alive.
“Through her she taught me how to be a very strong, independent, caring, and selfless woman,” she tells The Black Star. “I have always looked up to my grandma who was a lingerie seamstress for her fashion ideas. I still raid her closet to this day.

She is the backbone of our family, and she thinks of others before thinking of herself, oh and she has helped to raise every child that is born into the family.”

‘“Vita brevis, ars longa,’ or life is short, but art is long is not only the motto of my Fraternity, Sigma Alpha Iota, International Music Fraternity for Women, but also a life motto that I live by because I have been in performing arts schools since elementary.”

Cheryl can play the trumpet, clarinet, sing, dance, and create fashion designs. She is a senior at Howard University and graduates in May with a degree in Classics/ Biology and I have also studied Latin and speak German.

“My career began at the tender age of five when my grandma put me into the American Girls Fashion Show and I was Addy, portraying the African American doll,” she says. “From there I was entered into the Miss American Coed pageants where I was runner up during my last year in middle school. About three years ago, when I came to the DC area for school, my modeling career really picked up and I have had the opportunity to model in New York, and some of my recent work has been the Beyonce Experience Tour with L’Oreal, Passion Partners Hair Magazine, and spreads in local and online magazines to name a few things.”

Cheryl wants to become a legend.

“Not only am I a model, I am on my way to medical school to become a pediatric cardiologist or reconstructive surgeon,” she relates to The Black Star News.

“I am in a music fraternity where I play the clarinet and sing; I am a Girl Scout troop leader, mentor and tutor. I am a dance instructor and trained dancer—ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, modern, Pointe. I am Classics major and I’ve studied the ancient civilizations of Rome, Greece and Egypt and just all and all I am a very determined individual who doesn’t take no for an answer.”

Cheryl wants to motivate other young women to follow her example. She wants to be a role model “letting women know that ‘Hey, models are not dumb. Look at me.” She’s working on her portfolio to target top agencies such as Ford Models, Elite Model Management and Fusion.

“I am most proud of being able to do the Beyonce Experience Tour in which I got inspired because she has so much energy and passion about what she does and that inspires me to continue to be the best that I can be,” she tells The Black Star. “I got the opportunity to do the Broadway production of A Chorus Line, which was a wonderful experience to me because I love singing, dancing and acting and just to be able to get the experience of going through strenuous rehearsals, and intensive dance training really drove me to want to do another musical.”

She’s also on the FLASHY flag squad in the Howard University Marching Band and says joining Sigma Alpha Iota was an experience that is still to this day helping her musically and expanding and growing on her craft. “I love that I am apart of an organization where I can call Leontyne Price, Jesse Norman, Cora Coleman, and Marian Anderson my Sorors,” she says. “I will be proud to call myself an alum of such a prestigious school that so many famous African Americans have called home.”

“Models, and females in the entertainment industry have been thought of as stupid and only good for their looks and talent and the women in this world who are very smart are overshadowed by video vixens and females who portray us as only eye candy,” Cheryl continues. “We need more Angela Davis’s, Coretta Scott King’s, Maria Stewart’s, Patricia Roberts Harris’s, Nikki Giovanni’s, Debbie Allen’s, Nadine Gordimer's, Elizabeth Blackwell’s and Carol Moseley Braun’s just to name a few.”

So how does this beauty with the brain prepare to step out?

“Honestly I’m such a tomboy, I love buying Nikes, Adidas, boy shorts—I guess I just like being comfortable. But I also love winter clothing because it’s the more fashionable time of year for me. I love Seven jeans, Akademiks, Kenneth Cole, BCBG just to name a few. I hate wearing make up and really only wear it for either a performance or modeling, but Mac make up is good, and I love Escada perfumes,  the fruity ones, and Pink by Victoria Secret. I like high heeled boots.”

Cheryl’s Words Of Wisdom: “Tempora mutantor et nos mutamur in illis.” That is what the 9th century Roman Emperor Lothair once said: “The times are ever changing and we change with the times.”
Cheryl’s Secrets Of Success: “Be all that you can be in this world, because you only get to live once, and don’t let anyone tell you that you cannot do it. “Veni, Vidi, Vici.”
Cheryl’s Three Favorite Movies: “Beaches; To Wong Foo Thanks For Everything! Julie Newmar; and, Crooklyn.”
Cheryl’s Three Favorite Books: “The Euripides of Medea, Aristophanes Clouds, A Child called IT.”
Three Leaders That Have Most Inspired Cheryl: “Martin Luther King Jr., all of the Howard University Alumni, and Nelson Mandela.”
The First Three Things Cheryl Would Do As President: “I would like to unite the countries as one and stop all this fighting and bickering like babies, which would also mean pulling out of the Iraq war, improving education and Medicare, and last but not least, make the vaccine for HIV/AIDS not available just only to the people who can afford it, but to the people who need it and cannot afford it.”
Some Of Cheryl’s Favorite Cars: “With me it’s all about the engine and quality of how good the car will run so I love Nissans, Altima, Maxima; Toyota’s and I’m just not getting into Jeeps, I love the new Grand Cherokee’s and of course Mercedes.”
Cheryl’s Five Favorite Entertainers: “Teena Marie, Teedra Moses, Nas, Timbaland, and Lil’ Wayne.”
Cheryl’s Five Favorite websites:,,,,

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