Daniel: After Hardship, Sky Is The Limit

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Where She’s From: Daniel Garris was born and raised in Miami, Florida.

Her mother is American and her father Bahamian. She has one older sister, and 11-year-old sister, and two brothers on her father's side.

Daniel has survived traumatic family experiences that she says has only made her stronger. "I lost my father at the age of 13 when a girlfriend of his stabbed him to death for being abusive toward her," she explains. "Don't get me wrong; I loved my father very much, and the love was returned by him in many ways. The fact of the matter is that he had a major issue with alcohol and his temper, and with all that being said I still had an awesome childhood."

Daniel’s mother always held two or three jobs and made sure she and her sister never wanted for anything. "I think the most important lesson I have ever learned from her is ‘always have your own independence, never let a man determine what's best for you, and love yourself enough to know when enough is enough.’"

Daniel endured rough spots and was kicked out of a few schools; she’s now straightened her ship and is in college studying communications. "My interest in modeling started at the age of 11," Daniel recalls. "I have always wanted to model, and though my mother was doing the best she could to make us happy she could not afford everything we wanted. I just kept my dream in the back of my head until I could make it come true."

Where She’s At: Daniel’s hard work and determination has paid off.

"I started working with Nivea Hamilton in 1998. She’s the R&B singer that recently divorced the ‘Dream’ and is now back with Lil Wayne," she continues. "I was the first female artist in the click. I traveled a lot, learned a lot about the industry and got to know a lot of great artist as well as producers. I was in Nivea Hamilton’s video Don't Mess With My Man, featuring Jagged Edge. She is and always will be like a sister to me. I have also worked with Caton Jones, who is now a Gospel artist for Creflo Dollar Ministries. I have toured in Demark and in Germany."

"All the surgery in the world can't stop you from aging," Daniel warns other younger aspiring models. "Brainpower makes you more beautiful and can never be taken away from you."

And how does Daniel get ready to step out?

"I only use Dove soap on my skin because it is the only soap that does not break me out; I love Coco butter lotion by Palmer's cause it keeps my skin soft and silky. I use only M.A.C cosmetics cause it is the best and always will be. I love Miss Sixty clothing, Joe Jeans, Gucci, Baby Phat, I can go on. I don't believe there is an ugly shoe, it just depends on who is wearing it."

Daniel’s Words Of Wisdom: "Never Let Yesterday's Disappointments Overshadow Today's Dreams."

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