Detroit’s Own Angelica

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Where She’s From:
Beautiful Pisces Angelica Lane was born in Detroit, Michigan.

“I lived there for most of my life,� she tells The Black Star News. Angelica has also lived in South Carolina, Vegas, and Atlanta, where she’s been for the past two years.

“Something I learned from my mother is ‘never give up.’ She is a struggling Black single mother and she carries on a lot and if she can do it I know I can. My father, I learned always be there for my children. My father was never there for me—he taught me what not to look for in a husband and a father for my children.�

Angelica moved frequently so it’s not surprising that she went to seven different High Schools. Education is very important to her and she’s now schooling online—she launched her career in Atlanta. “I have only been modeling for a year now,� she adds. “There are females that have big names that have been modeling for years and I know I still have a lot to learn and experience. I see my career going far. I don’t only see myself modeling. I always wanted to be the person behind the scenes. Making things happen. I’m inspired by God and female models that I am friends with.�

Where She’s At: “When I first moved to Atlanta I was homeless,� Angelica says, discussing some of the challenges she’s had to deal with. “I had nowhere to go but friends’ houses—I was jumping house to house. I just had to get on my grind; start taking care of me because family showed me you can never depend on anyone, even if they are blood.�

“I haven’t been modeling that long so I was very proud of myself to be in Blackmen’s magazine this year, on the A-listers. They considered me to be up there so I felt proud of myself,� she adds. “The importance of combining brainpower and beauty let’s people know you can handle them not only with your looks but also your mind—the power to seduce and to outsmart.�

So how does this fast rising model prepare to step out? “When it comes to clothes I go for who ever designed them; they struggled, it took them a lot to get where they are you know, or I go with what looks cute on me,� she says. “I have different styles so you will never see me looking the same. Shoes, I love shoes—I am a boot person. The high boots for winter, and I love heels with points on them to wear with jeans. Other than that, it’s flip flops for me. When it comes to gym shoes, I only where them to work out or if I am chillin’ somewhere or just running out somewhere. But it’s only Jordan’s, Reeboks, or Air Force Ones.�

Angelica’s Words Of Wisdom:
“Never frown. You never know who is falling in love with your smile; always go for the best, never settle for less; and, trust no woman, fear no man.�
Angelica’s Secrets Of Success: “Live, learn, smile.�
Angelica’s Favorite Three Movies:  “Bad Boys 2, My Best Friend’s Wedding, and How High…�
Angelica’s Favorite Three Books: “Candy Licker, Child Of The Night, Dirty Money.�
Leaders That Most Inspire Angelica: “Nelson Mandela and Coretta Scott King.�
The First Three Things Angelica Would Do As President: “Raise minimum wage; stop the war; and have more organization to help starving people allover the world and in Africa.�
Angelica’s Favorite Cars And Why: “Sebring, because I can afford it and it’s cute. CLS 500  Mercedes Benz, because it’s the best; and 600 Kawasaki motorcycle, because I won’t stop till I have it.�
Angelica’s Favorite Musicians/Entertainers And Their Songs: “Ginuwine—he knows how to turn me on; R Kelly—knows how to make me horny than beyond; Brian Mcknight—knows how to make me love; and, Mariah Carey—knows how to make me want and cry.�
An Interesting Short Story: “My crazy friend gave a man $1,000 thinking he was going to get her a Mercedes Benz. Some scam he ran and took off with her and her other friend’s money. Seen him again at the strip club in Atlanta and we followed him a few miles; purposely ran into the back of his truck and was almost taken to jail.�

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