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Where She’s From: Samantha Del Valle was born in Spanish Harlem and raised partially in the Inwood section of Manhattan and Dominican Republic.

“The two most important things my family taught me were morals, loyalty and principles,� the lovely young model and future journalist tells The Black Star News. “I have a younger brother who supports me as well as my mother and father. He is my best friend who I share everything with and my partner in crime,� she adds, with a laugh.

“I am currently going to school and finishing up my media studies and broadcasting major. I launched my modeling and acting career when I was about 19 years old,� Samantha continues. “I consider my career at a higher level than it was when I was first beginning because now I’ve been blessed with both a manager and an agent who help me and advise me in all my decisions and endeavors.�

There is definitely a future beyond the entertainment business for this lady. “I want to someday host a TV show or work in some form or broadcasting area because I enjoy talking in public,� she explains. “I also aspire for a husband and having a family one day of my own, and moving back to the Dominican Republic.� Well, someone has to be the lucky one eventually.

Where She’s At:
“My biggest challenge right now is going to school, working and trying to be successful in both my modeling and acting careers which can get extraneous and tiring,� Samantha explains. “I try to balance my activities by meditating and organizing myself the best way possible.� Despite her hectic schedule, Samantha has already appeared on several magazine spreads.

“I believe it’s important to combine brainpower and beauty because without the brain power there will be no success. A woman who can use her physical beauty with her intelligence is resourceful and wise,� she adds.

So how does this enterprising young lady prepare to step out? “Even though I don’t think I should mention these products with out receiving some type of monetary reward,� she says, with a smile, “I do enjoy Oscar de la Renta; make up from MAC is incredible; shoes from Petit Peton; perfume, Jean Paul Gaultier Classique, Desire by Victoria’s Secret and Davidoff Cool Water.�

Samantha’s Words Of Wisdom:
“Watch what you think because your thoughts become your actions, your actions become your character and your character becomes your destiny!�
Samantha’s Secrets Of Success:  “It wouldn’t be a secret if I tell you.�
Samantha Favorite Three Movies: “Is it ok if I name four? Crash; A perfect Stranger;
The Breakfast Club; and Losing Isaiah.�

Samantha Favorite Book: “Behold The Pale Horse, by William cooper.�
Leaders That Has Most Inspired Samantha: “My mother is the best example that has inspired me the most. She’s been through many struggles and I admire all her accomplishments. She has a doctorate in General medicine, bachelors in nursing and bachelors in accounting--with a wealthy father who never supported her career financially.�
The First Three Things Samantha Would Do As President: “I would take care of global warming and pollution; take all of the troops out of the Middle East; and make college free like in Cuba.�
At End Of Day, A Sentence Describing Samantha’s Accomplishments: “I remained true to myself and encountered rocks in my path but I learned from my experiences and achieved all my goals.�
Samantha Favorite Cars: “Convertible Jaguar XKR in red or gold because it’s classy and it’s fast! Range Rover, white.�
Samantha’s Five Favorite Musicians/Entertainers: “Frank Reyes; Celia Cruz; R. Kelly; Anthony Santos; and, Julio Iglesias.�

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