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Brainy and beautiful modeling twin sisters Stacee and Tracee pack a double-punch. The sisters have been busy as their resume reveals: Their print credits include 2007 Miami’s – What’s The Juice Magazine-Dime of the Month-October Issue w/ Plies on the Cover; 2007 Hip Hop Weekly Magazine- Model Feature-April Issue with Jay-Z on the Cover; 2007 ATL’s- CTP Magazine- Model Spotlight- June Issue with Fabo on the Cover; and, 2006 Florida Courier "Florida's Finest" Volume 14 No 7S.

As for music video: 2007 Chris Brown, featuring T-Pain “Kiss Kiss” Music Video- Model Extras - Miami, Florida. Promotionals: 2007 Promo Models for Dice Records weekend of Ozone Awards - Miami, Florida and 2007 DJ Demp’s Promo Models for Demp Week Birthday 10th Anniversary - Tallahassee, Florida.

The twin models have participated in Web campaigns, including 2007 BET B-Girl on for week of July 6th and 2007 Big Tigger's "Eye Candy Kittens" for MAY on  Recently The Black Star News caught up with the busy sisters.

Tell us a little about where you were born and where you were raised and the most important things you learned from your parents or other relatives?
Tracee: We were born in New Jersey and raised in Miami. Our ethnicity is Black and Brazilian. One of the most important things that we’ve learned would definitely be ‘Treat people the way you would want to be treated’ which is something our mom always preached.

Where did you go to school and when did you launch your career?
Stacee: We went to Archbishop Curley- Notre Dame high school in North Miami. I want to say that we started modeling about two years ago doing promotions, although my mom tried to get us into catalog modeling when we were little. But we wanted to be outside playing with the rest of the kids.

What stage do you consider your career to be at now?
Stacee: We are semi professional models, I say semi because we’re not full time models.
Tracee: We have done promotions, music video, print, editorial, calendar and runway.

Where do you see it going and what’re your aspirations?
Stacee: Modeling for us is going well. Because we are twins we get more recognition and we aren’t likely to get overlooked but the modeling industry is very, very competitive.
Tracee: As far as aspirations, we want to be everywhere. We want to grace the covers of magazines, walk the runway wearing clothing designer’s attire, be in commercials, and even do some acting in movies.

Talk about some challenges and how you conquer them
Stacee: I would have to say balancing modeling and school. We graduate with a BS in Computer Information Systems this Fall, so we are very excited about that.
Tracee: Also we are in the Florida Army National Guard so that restricts modeling too.

BSN: Tell us why it’s important to combine brainpower and beauty?
Tracee: Models can strive to be the best at whatever they want to do. Being pretty may get you in the door, but your thinking and communication skills are what will make you or break you while you network to climb the ladder.
Stacee: You never want to have one without the other. Having both makes you appear stronger and intelligent.

List some of the brands, clothing and products such as lotions, makeup, perfume, clothing, shoes that you use and why you like them?
Tracee: Evisu and Apple bottoms fit very well and Strawberry Daiquiri by Bath and Body works smells so good.
Stacee: Christian Audigier, Ed Hardy, Baby Phat and Angel Perfume is the best for me.

Your words of wisdom:

Tracee: Live Life and Love Life; United We Stand, Divided We Fall.
Stacee: A friend once told me ‘Opportunities don’t go away there just given to someone else.’

Your secrets of success:
Tracee: Drive and determination will get you where you need to go.
Stacee: Never let harsh criticism deter you from your goal.

Your favorite all time three movies:
Face Off, Anchorman, Soul Plane.
Stacee: Love and Basketball, Dick Tracey, Scarface.

Your favorite all time two books:
Stacee: Flyy Girl, The Bluest Eye
Tracee: Caught Up in the Rapture, Evening
Three leaders living or not, that inspire you the most:
Tracee:  Oprah, Johnny Cochran, Kimora Lee Simmons.
Stacee: Bill Clinton, Martin Luther King, Oprah.

First three things you would do as President of US:
Lower healthcare cost, withdraw 40% of troops from overseas, raise minimum wage.
Stacee: Increase teachers’ salary and decrease athletes’ and entertainers’ salary, close all gun shops and make selling them illegal, and lighten up on the drug offenses.

At the end of the day when you look back at life one day, a sentence that describes your accomplishments:
Tracee: I made it.
Stacee: Hard work pays off.

What are your signs:
Tracee: We are Leo’s

Some of your favorite cars and why:
BMW X4 because of its foreign and luxury look and the Toyota Camry because its one of the safest cars at an affordable price.
Stacee: I love Mercedes Benz because the feel and the design of them are made for a woman.

Your favorite entertainers and their songs:
Jody Breeze featuring Twista-“Changing Lanes; Joe “If I Was Your Man”; All Jagged Edge, Aaliyah and  Ashanti music.
Tracee: Keyshia Cole featuring Missy and Lil Kim-“Let It Go”; All Trick Daddy music.

Your three favorite websites:

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