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Where She’s From:
Failyn Lindsey was born and raised in West Memphis, Arkansas.  “My mom and young sister moved to Memphis, Tennessee around 1995,” she tells The Black Star News.  “The most important thing that I learned from my mom is to always be self-sufficient. You can't leave you life in the hands of other people. You have to be independent and strong enough to go after your dreams, with no doubts and not to second guess your decisions.”

She graduated from Kingsbury High School in Memphis, TN. She then attended Memphis/West Tennessee Professional School of Real Estate to complete her credit hours to become a real estate agent.  “I started modeling around 2003,” she adds. 

Where She’s At:
“I see me making a name for myself in my local market and have people to ask ‘who's that girl’ and request me for their runway shows. I would also like to have a national ad campaign with a well established brand and I want to be in magazines nationally and eventually worldwide.”

“Some challenges that I have are not being tall enough for high fashion, even though that would be my ultimate dream, to walk a Dolce & Gabana or Gucci runway,” she says, when asked about how she deals with the industry’s challenges. “I just have to take over what I can at my level and then make a way for myself and be the exception for high fashion.”

“I'm proud of becoming a real estate agent,” the beautiful business-minded model adds. “It's a great profession that can be very financially rewarding. I'm also proud of each modeling job that I've had because I gain more knowledge and experience from them all.”

“It's so important to combine brainpower and beauty because you have to be able to handle your own business and identify what will be career changing decisions,” Failyn warns. “A couple of the ultimate examples that we see of this comes from Iman and Tyra. They exemplify what it means to combine beauty and brains.”
So how does this lovely lady prepare to step out?

“I like GUESS because they always have the cutest most fashionable clothes. My favorite perfume is Diesel because it's different and it smells so good. My favorite shoes are my Gucci boots because they're comfortable and they get a lot of attention. I don't really wear makeup but MAC has the best eye shadow colors. And there's this vitamin E Swiss Collagen Complex moisturizing cream I use that is the answer to ash!”

Failyn’s Words Of Wisdom:
“The most successful people are those who are good at plan B.”
Failyn’s Secrets Of Success: “Determination, strength and focus.”
Failyn’s Favorite Three Movies: “The Color Purple, Devil In A Blue Dress, Brown Sugar.”
Failyn’s Favorite Three Books: “The Bible, A Piece of Cake, Fabulosity.”
Three Leaders That Most Inspire Failyn:  “Martin Luther King Jr., Barack Obama, Oprah.”
The First Three Things Failyn Would Do As President: “Stop that stupid war, raise the minimum wage, and create programs that would provide better low-income housing.”
Some Of Failyn’s Favorite Cars And Why: “BMW 645 because it's sleek, sexy and sophisticated; Range Rover because it looks good; and, Maybach Benz because it says wealth and prestige.”
Failyn’s Five Favorite Musicians/Entertainers And Their Songs: “ India Arie, I like all of her CDs. Alicia Keys—Like You'll Never See Me Again; John Legend, because I love his voice; Beyonce—Flaws and All; Lil Wayne, I just love that young man's swagger.”
Failyn’s Five Favorite Websites: “The ybf, model mayhem, myspace, my yahoo email, and Victoria’s secret.”

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