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Where She's From:
  Folake Adeyemo, a.k.a. Fola, was born in The Bronx, New York City.  Of Nigerian parentage, this Virgo is the middle child out of five.  “The mantras I grew up hearing were; work hard, be smart, and stay focused,� she tells The Black Star News. “My parents also stressed the importance of prayer and positive thinking while navigating through life's craggy terrain.�

Her family later relocated to Baltimore MD, where Fola blossomed into a 6 feet tall, trim, curvy, and fit young lady with grace and allure.  Her love of sports and travel has taken her throughout the world – she also lived  in Nigeria for a short period.

Her poise and her quick wit has served her well, opening many doors, including in modeling, fashion, entertainment, and news broadcast through multi-media outlets. Following her acceptance into Temple University, Fola wasted no time; soon, Philadelphia was her adopted city.

As a first generation American of Nigerian heritage, Fola concedes she is faced with the perpetual hurdle of reconciling her cosmopolitan zest with rigid traditional core beliefs on what women should be and act like in society. “In sorting through it all, I developed a physical and mental perspective that embodied my lively attitude and keen work ethic which has been captured time after time again by the various photographers I have worked with from world wide,� she explains. Respectively, these photographers value Fola's image, acknowledging her as a resplendent addition to their galleries and portfolios.

At about 11 years old, Fola started keeping journals of her trips to new places.  “It was at this point I developed the interest to capture video and photographs of the places I’ve  traveled and bring it back to share with my young friends and schoolmates,� she shares.

As she grew older, she created youth groups, and pioneered functions at her Church; she was steadily involved in one extracurricular activity or the other whether school was in session or not.  She was a member on her High School Varsity basketball team which made it to State finals every year serving as team Captain in her senior year.  She is also a member of The National Honor Society, graduating with Honors.  Add to that her role as trumpet player on her high school Marching Band, The Varsity Volleyball team as Co-Captain, as well as a Gospel Choir member and a student involved in the Magnet Program focused on a concentration in Allied Health Professions, Fola exemplified the multi-talented student bursting with so much energy you could power a space ship into orbit.

At Temple University she studied Kinesiology.  She remained attuned to the needs of her immediate campus community. By way of popular vote, she was elected as Community Service Officer & Public Relations Officer for the Organization of African Students.  Also a member of the Student Organization for Caribbean Awareness & Sankofa, another campus community based group, she stayed grounded in her social endeavors, establishing connections between various college organizations in Philadelphia, New Jersey, New York, Maryland and DC.  Significantly, her dedication brought her into working relations with groups like BEBASHI (Blacks Educating Blacks about Sexual Health Issues), participating in AIDS Walk, The Fashion Modeling and Charm School/Philly, and working with area schools to upgrade the connections.

Where She's At:
“I recently returned to New York and I’m making strides towards helping shape communities,� Fola adds. “I plan to continue to work in programs that build the self esteem and character of young girls in the inner city. Though I am far from perfect, I am about making young girls see their potential and the steps between potential and reaching their goals.�

She adds: “I am also about building promising young leaders that have faith in themselves, realizing the realities of this harsh world but knowing their is hope everyday and becoming go-getters in what area they choose to focus.  I am here to help cultivate and groom personalities that will carry the torch next.�   

Folake's accomplishments include: ChiChi and ChiChi E's; Walking Coach & Show Coordinator, Summer 2006;  The Fashion Modeling & Charm School/Philly; Mentor/Model, Walish Gooshe Premiere Trunk Show; Model,  Color Lines Magazine; Cover Model, Spring 2006; Vintique Premiere Show Fashion; Model, Wild About Philly; TV Fashion Show Model, Organization of African Students/Temple University; Fashion Show Pageant Coordinator/Dancer & Model, Alex Raply Collection; Model, Zip Rip Clothing; Model, Lyricist Lab Fashion Show; and, many more.

Where She's heading:
Whether she mentors young girls, writes poetry, catwalks on the runway, models in multi-media, coordinate events, and achieves her Doctorate in Physical Therapy, Fola expects to work hard and excel in all her pursuits. “Acquiring my Master's in Physical Therapy is definitely top on my agenda,� she says. “In the interim, I continue to build and expand my relations through community outreach programs and coordinating events that serve the dual purpose of entertaining and enlightening.�

Folake's Words Of Wisdom:  "Dream, focus and surround yourself with positive energy!"
Folake's Secrets Of Success: "Really simple: Shush, nay-sayers with action, even if the nay-sayer is yourself."

Folake's Three Favorite Movies:  “Coming to America; Akeelah and the Bee; and, X Men 3.
Folake's Three Favorite Books:  “The Coldest Winter Ever and No Disrespect, by Sister Souljah; and, Between Lover's Eric Jerome Dickey Books.�
Leaders That Have Inspired Folake: “My mother, Sarafina in Sarafina the Movie, and, Nelson Mandela.�
Folake's Favorite Car: “Range Rover.�
Folake's Favorite Musicians/Entertainers: “Mary J. Blige, Lauryn Hill, Christina Aguilera, Jay-Z, Beyoncé, and NaS.�

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